Gallatin Valley GRAND PRIX 2019

April through October Gallatin Valley, MT US 59715

Runners will score ten points for a first-place finish, competing against only runners in your own age/gender group, and only against other Grand Prix participants. So while you may come in fifteenth overall and third in your age group at a particular race, you may end up with ten points in the Grand Prix. Second place will be worth nine points, and so on down to 9th through infinity–all remaining runners will receive two points each.

For those races that offer two distances, scores will be awarded in both distances--that means that a 10k runner can earn 10 points AND a 5k runner can earn 10 points.  This will allow runners to sign up for the distance of their choice, and possibly make it necessary to use a bit of strategy when deciding which distance to run.

We’ll also keep track of an overall men’s and women’s category, just for fun–all runners’ results will be tabulated in the overall standings, without regard to age.

You don't have to run every race to qualify, and your score will be automatically updated after each race. You don't have to report anything.

Note that the two Wind Drinkers Fun Runs in June (Highland - Glen) and July (Crosscut) score five participation points for every Grand Prix entrant--the points won't be competitive in order to keep our runs low-key and relaxed.  That said, the WD fun run in August will be scored competitively.