Gratitude In Bloom - Virtual Fun Run 1 Miler & 5k

Mon May 16 - Thu September 22 Anywhere You Are, USA, CA US 78218
Anywhere, USA - your treadmill, track or trail
Anywhere You Are, USA, CA US 78218

In love and service, we are running & walking together to fundraise for the California Rainbow Girls Foundation.  The Foundation provides young girls the opportunity to learn leadership skills, learn the values of community service and provide many with college scholarships.


This FUNdraiser is open to all ages and abilites- the point is to pay it forward, and do 1 mile or a 5k on behalf of someone who has made an impact in your life.   Everyone gets a medal, no matter how fast or slow you go, and it can be given as a gift to someone who has impacted your life.


Together, we can pay it forward to provide a new generation with leadership skills, phiilanthropy, scholarships and sisterhood.



Race Contact Info

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What Is A Virtual Run? How Do You Run/Walk?

How do you run? Can you walk?  It's easy, and no, you don't need to be a runner.  You can run, walk, skip, wheel or cartwheel- we want all fitness levels and abilities to participate, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go, what matters is where your heart is.  Simply sign up on this page, and set some time aside when it works for you and earn your mile(s) where you like to get active (track, treadmill, evening walk with the dogs, even bike ride).  Do  your desired distance (5k or 1 mile) sometime in July & August before the fundraising period ends on September 22nd. 

What if I can't run a mile?  Don't fret, it's not about how fast or slow you go. All ages and abilities are welcomed.  You can do your mileage in one shot, or break it up into several parts.  The point isn't to qualify for the Olympics, it's to have fun and fundraise- try not to stress! We love ya!

Do you need to report miles once they're done?  Nope!  It's all on the honor system (We know you are awesome and will earn your miles when you can) so you do not need to report your miles.  You will receive your medal for participating at the end of the registration period in August. 

What do I do after?  Post a picture on social media, with your medal, your dog, going for a run, anything- with the hashtag #GratitudeInBloomRun we can cheer you on and say thanks!  Use this hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, or our favorite, Instagram.   It's not necessary, but it is fun!  You don't need to report your miles formally, just keep an eye out for your medal to arrive in late August/September (based on when you signed up!).  


Can't Run? Donate!

Not Able To Run/Walk?  If you'd rather not run but still would like to support the cause, you can donate by clicking the "donate," blue tab above...or if you'd like to run but want to chip in extra (all donations will go straight to the Foundation!), please do- or feel free to donate to the Foundation directly. 



What Happens After I Sign Up?

After you sign up to participate, you will do your mileage on your honor before the fundraising period ends on September 22nd.   All participants will be mailed a medal- we batch our shipments to get runners their medals as soon as possible, so be on the lookout for yours!   

You do not need to report your miles, but we do love the "proof" our runners share when they go out for a run or get their medal in the mail, feel free to send them our way on social media!

Afterwards, feel free to upload a photo and share it on social media to our Facebook page- or using the hashtags #Virtualcharityruns #GratitudeInBloomRun.

This Run Supports the CRG Foundation- supporting leadership & scholarship programs for girls:

It is in loving memory of Sara Lee Martin, Kassie Lee, Vickie Diem, Dianne Marshall and the countless other sisters, mentors and friends we lovingly remember, that we dedicate this Virtual Run to fundraise for the California Rainbow Girls Foundation.  

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a Masonic, non-profit dedicated to building girls into leaders through philanthrophy, mentoring, leadership development and scholarship programs paired with foundational philanthropy. 

The organization generates hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes of all kinds each and every year through a yearly Grand Service Project that the state contributes to. Projects in the past have included the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation,  Freedom in Motion and the Rite Care Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center.   Additionally, girls learn skills by organizing projects such as food drives, blood drives and coordinating local projects. 

The California Rainbow Girls Foundation provides funds for Scholarships, Leadership Training and Camps that filters through  the organization for all the girls to benefit from.   By participating in this Virtual Run, you will be helping create the leaders of tomorrow, so they can continue to pay it forward and fundraise for a variety of worthwhile causes while learning critical life skills & preparing for college or employment in adulthood. 

You can read more about the foundation here.

For Every Runner That Signs Up, The Organizers Are Donating To A Foster Care Resource Center:

We're also raising funds for Straight From The Heart Resource Center!  Straight From The Heart is a resource center in San Marcos, California that provides support of all kinds to foster families.  Support ranges from providing children with care packs of essential items, books, teddy bears and clothes, to legal council and free babysitting for foster parents.  

Foster families need our support as they navigate through the legal system, and while they work to get a child through a tough transitional period when they are taken from a bad situation. SFTH provides holisitic support to foster parents and children, while providing much needed services.  



Can I Register A Group/Multiple People?

Yes you can!  

We don't have teams set up on the site, but if you have a group organizer, have him/her collect all the names of the people who want to run together in person.   The organizer will select one address where all the medals can be sent and your runners can pay you directly after sign up.

If you want to set up a team, please register all of your particpants at the same time on one registration and include the same shipping address when you sign them up, all the information can be the same, but the names can be different on each registration.  (same address, email address, DOB, etc).

If you want more than one medal-  you can run and earn as many medals as you like- it's all for a good cause and the medals are going to be worth working for!   Just use your name for each registration in the same transaction to ensure they all get mailed to one location and on the same schedule.  When the medals are mailed out, this will ensure you get all of your medals on behalf of loved ones in the same shipment and you can gift them to the special people in your life. 

Can I Run On Behalf Of Someone/Ship The Medal Direct?

Absolutely you can!  If you are running on behalf of someone and want to have their medal mailed directly to them, please use their name and address in the shipping section.  Otherwise, all medals will be shipped directly to the name and address included in your registration (which usually will be yours!)

Unfortunately, we cannot process any "gift messages," so you might want to give them a heads up if you have it sent directly to them.  ;)

The Medals

We are so excited about these medals!  This is our fanciest medal yet (as the birthday girl is ready to celebrate!)- it's our first ever double sided medal, and includes a gorgeous watercolor rainbow satin finish ribbon, glitter embelishments and an inspirational quote on the back.

The back reads:  "The seeds of kindness we plant in the world will be the flowers that bloom in the hearts of all we touch." 

This is a medal you'll want to run for, and would make an amazing gift.  If you're a bling collector, it's going to be a special part of your collection!

About The Organizers:


Howdy!  Since starting our Virtual Run project as a labor of love in 2013 to fundraise for various dog rescues, we've donated over $33,000 to charity, and it is with a humble heart that we fundraise for the organization who has created a spirit of service in so many, and the organizers ( will also make a donation to Straight from the Heart, a foster care resource center.   We are a small virtual run organization, there's just two of us, but we love fundraising for great causes!
Chances are, you can think of someone who has made an impact in your life, to whom you owe a debt of gratitude that you can never repay.  The best way we can honor them is to give back.  For them, let's pay it forward, together.  

Thanks for running with us!