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Greenland Open Space Pack Burro Races presented by Double Rainbow Ranch (8M, 4M,Virtual)

Sun July 14, 2024 Larkspur, CO 80118 US Directions



1532 East Noe Road
Larkspur, CO US 80118



Welcome to the 3rd annual Greenland Open Space Pack Burro Races presented by Double Rainbow Ranch! Grab your burro and join us for a fun and rewarding day on the majestic Greenland Open Space Trail in beautiful Larkspur, Colorado.


Greenland was once a bustling little village and shipping point.  By 1871, the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad extended to the site and it was platted as a 20-acre town in 1875, just prior to Colorado becoming a state.  Greenland continued to thrive with two general stores, a post office, school, and even a saloon or two. The railroad stations shipped out livestock, potatoes, grains, milk, building stones and pottery. The ranching industry continued eve after the town declined in the 1930s. 


Each entrant will pay a fee as determined by the Race Director for each race. Race Directors will have discretion as to how the entry fees will be used; entry fees are generally used for race prizes and race expenses. The entry fee must accompany the entry application and will not be refunded. Runners must be 14 years or older on the day of the race to participate. No race day registration will be available. 

We strongly recommend runners secure a burro partner before registering for an event. Refunds will not be issued on the basis of a participant's inability to locate a burro teammate in time for the event. To register your burro partner for the event a participant must select "create a donkey team" to add your unique, password protected burro by name. Once a runner has done so they may register under the burro's name as their "team". Runners will not be able to add a burro for which they do not have a password. If a runner needs to switch burros prior to the event, or needs to add their burro's name to their team, they can contact race management to do so.

Good sportsmanship is encouraged and will be rewarded. Please be kind, considerate, and have a great time enjoying our wonderful animals and open spaces. This is what the burro/donkey community is all about. 

No city, private-property owners along the course, sponsoring businesses, governmental agencies, persons or organizations will be responsible in case of accident or injury to contestants. Each entrant must sign a waiver and/or release of responsibility.

The following is the definition of a burro and is to be used in selecting such. The word burro comes from the Spanish word meaning donkey. A donkey is defined as being an ass, of the species ‘Equus asinus’. They have chestnuts on the forelegs only, while other animals of the same genus of equus, such as mules or horses, have them on both the hind and forelegs. The tail has short hair, except on its lower portion , which has a brush. A registered veterinarian and/or Race Director will have the authority to disqualify any contestant and animal that does not match the above description, or whose animal is sick, doped, injured, unsound, or mistreated.

All runners must keep their burros under control. Any burro that interferes with another runner or burro may be disqualified. The runner is 100% responsible for the safe handling and welfare of the burro throughout the entire event. 

No intact jacks shall be permitted to race.  

It is strongly recommended that all participants carry at least one quart of water, food (an energy bar), and clothing (such as a windbreaker).

The burro must be outfitted with a strap- (leather or synthetic) or rope-style halter. The runner may only be attached to the burro with a single lead rope that does not exceed 15 feet in length, measured from the end of rope to tip of buckle. The lead rope may only be connected to the halter tie ring, or tie loop in the case of a rope halter, and may not be affixed to the saddle or to any other part of the burro. Ropes are to be held in the runner's hands.

Cruelty: Any contestant mistreating their animal may be disqualified. No needles, electric prods, narcotics, clubs or whips, other than the halter rope, may be used. The race route must be followed. It will be marked by signs, people, or aid stations. Do not cut the course, such as cutting across switchbacks. Any burro leaving the course must be returned to the course without shortening the distance of the course. Any runner becoming separated from their burro (i.e., burro and runner are no longer racing as a connected team or unit) must return to the place they became separated before continuing the race. Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.

Team: Contestant and burro starting the race must remain a team throughout the contest. No assistants will be allowed to accompany any team.

The winning combination consists of a person and burro, which must cross the finish line as a unit. The person may be leading or following the burro but the burro's nose crossing the finish line first constitutes the winner.

During the race, teams (1 person+1 burro) must remain a team from start to finish. No burro swapping. If the team becomes separated, the person must retrieve their burro then must return to the spot that they became separated and proceed from there to be considered for prizes and placing.

The contestant shall at no time progress except under their own power.

Should a contestant be disqualified by a race official, they may continue the race (a second offense will definitely put them off the trail) and they may appeal his or her grievance to the Race Director. The decisions of the Race Director will be final. If a contestant is disqualified due to burro injury or unsoundness, they may not finish the course nor contest the decision.

In the event of a tie, the prize money involved, if any, will be equally divided by the contestants involved.

Carrying and use of firearms will not be permitted.

Firearms, starter pistols, or firing blanks will not be permitted to begin a race. Races may be begun with a bell, buzzer, siren, countdown, or horn.

While it is a race, remember to slow down and enjoy the beauty. Safety first, competition second.

IMPORTANT: Colorado Health Paperwork. Current health certificates and coggins for any out of state donkeys are required. Health Certificates Address: 1532 Noe Road, Larkspur, Colorado 80118. If traveling from out of state, you will be required to present your health paperwork prior to receiving your race packet.  


Please note the race has a maximum number of 85 Participants. 

There are two distances to choose from: 

8 Mile (10:00 AM): This course follows all WPBA rules IF you want to compete for top prizes. If not, packs are optional. 

4 Mile (10:05 AM) :  This course is our "Introduction to Pack Burro Racing Course." Packs are optional on this course.  You may choose to run/hike/walk this course. This distance is designed to introduce newcomers to the sport in an environment that is less competitive than some of the longer distances.  Just go out and have some fun with your burro teammate! The 4 mile course is approximately 4.25 miles. 

Please note the course will remain open to the public.  Hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and other equestrians may utilize the course during the race.  Please be cautious, courteous, and respectful and ensure you follow all safety signs on the course. THERE WILL BE CATTLE ON THE COURSE AGAIN THIS YEAR AND WE WILL HAVE VOLUNTEERS MANNING THE GATES.

All participants will receive a gift for participating. Special prizes for top competitors will be announced at a later date. 


Camping will be available on a VERY LIMITED basis at the Greenland Open Space Area near the starting line. Please contact the Race Director at: to reserve your spot.  If you do not reserve your spot, you will not be permitted to camp.  


1532 E. Noe Road, Larkspur, Colorado 80118.  Parking for trailers will be located at the eastern end of the gravel parking lot.

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