iracelikeagirl Virtual Girls Get Gritty 5k! (Sponsored by iracelikeagirl and TOPO ATHLETIC) 

Mon September 23 - Sun September 29 anywhere, CO US 00000

iracelikeagirl Virtual Girls Get Gritty 5k! (Sponsored by iracelikeagirl and TOPO ATHLETIC) 

Join the iracelikeagirl community and challenge yourself to a 5k virtual race! Complete 5k on your own terms, in your own way, and take part in our photo challenge to win one of ….. TOPO ATHLETIC RUNNING SHOES! 

All you have to do is share a photo on Instagram of your run, mention @topoathletic and @iracelikeagirl, and include the hashtags #iracelikeagirl #winTOPO . 

What is an iracelikeagirl virtual 5k?  Our virtual 5k is a walk/run that can be run at your convenience, anytime, anywhere!  To participate create your free Strava account, sign up for the race, and run/walk the distance of the race on a course you select wherever you are!    Virtual participants can run their 5K any time between September 23-29th.  You will have a chance to win a pair of TOPO ATHLETIC SHOES! - delivered right to your door! (Random drawing of those who complete the 5K requirements). 

Virtual 5K tips and tricks:  The race will be timed and tracked by Strava, the fitness tracking app.  Don't have Strava - it's free, and details will be sent to you directly via email.  

HOW TO REGISTER/Participate inTHE 5K

  • Register on this website
  • You will be prompted to log in to your Strava Account (if you don’t have one, you can create one for free)
  • Log-in and join our 5K STRAVA CHALLENGE GROUP (details will be emailed after registration)
  • Between Sept 23-29th, record a single Run activity on Strava that is at least 5KM long
  • Publish the activity to your Strava profile and  ensure the activity can be seen by everyone in order to qualify

BONUS!  - Share Your Experience and win a free 2020 Membership for iracelikeagirl! - Share your accomplishments by mentioning @topoathletic @iracelikeagirl and using the hashtag #iracelikeagirl #topo5k on your instragram account.  Follow @iracelikeagirl and @topoathletic to follow along as we share your posts on our stories and confirm entry! 


  • Chance to win with TOPO athletic shoes! *must be following @topoathletic and @iracelikeagirl in Instagram. 
  • Share your experience as mentioned above, and you'll be in a draw for a free membership for the IRACELIKEAGIRL community (can be given to someone else). 
  • All proceeds will be used toward IRACELIKEAGIRL YOUTH (under18) support
Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at
Anywhere you live
anywhere, CO US 00000