Course Map and Description




The race will start on First St on the corner of Charles St and head south.  The race will then take the following route:

Turn right onto Binney St which will merge onto Galilei Way.

The race then crosses Main St onto Vassar St.

Turn left onto Mass Ave.

Turn right onto Amherst St, left onto Danforth St. then right onto Amherst Alley.

A quick left onto Vassar St leads the runners to take a right into Fort Washington Park.  The runners will exit the park and take a left onto Waverly St.

Take a right onto Putnam Ave.  After approximately 1 mile take left onto Hingham St.  Runners will then take a right onto Memorial Dr and take a left to run over the Weeks Bridge.

Runners take a right off the Weeks bridge and run onto the bike path, exiting shortly before they take the left onto North Harvard St onto Storrow Drive off-ramp.

Runners take a left onto North Harvard St and then enter the Harvard University Athletic complex where they will run approximately 1.75 miles.  The runners will exit onto North Harvard St then take a left onto the Paul White Bike Path where they will be on all the way to the Arsenal St Bridge and continue on the Bike Path heading to Cambridge.

The runners will exit the bike path onto Gerry’s Landing Rd then take right onto Memorial Dr.

Runners will take a left onto JFK St.

Take right onto Mt Auburn St.

Right onto Putnam Ave.

Take left onto Waverly St which will then merge onto Albany St.

Take left onto Portland St.

Take right onto Main St.

Take left onto Third St.

Take right onto Binney St. 

Take left onto First St and Finish on First St at Charles St.