Run, Creep or Crawl Challenge

Fri October 1 - Sun October 31 Anywhere, FL 11111 US Directions


Q: Can I register? 
Registration closes on September 30 at midnight. You will not be able to sign up for the Challenge after it has started on October 1. 

Q: How do I know how many miles I've walked or run?

A: This Challenge is all about intentional movement - NOT how many you've throughout the day. Use an app like Nike Run Club, Strava or Maps to calculate how many miles your run or walk is. Use a phone or Apple Watch/FitBit. 


Q: How do I log in miles? 
A: You will log miles manually through RunSignUp.

   1. Go to the "Results" tab at the top.
   2. Click "Submit Virtual Results" 
   3. Search for yourself by entering your name OR email address/DOB. 
   4. Click "Log Activities"
   5. Enter miles in the next page. 
You will only be able to start inputting miles on October 1.
Log them every time you finish a run or walk OR log them daily. This is important because each log is time-stamped. 

This is based on the honor system. If you are trying to be a top competitor - be prepared to show proof!  


Q: How are we ranked? 
A: Everyone is ranked individually on leaderboard. If you are in a group or team, you will also see your individual ranking within those. 
Q: When/How will I get my swag bag?
A: If you chose pick-up: we will be offering a few options in mid-October to pick-up your swag bag. Stay tuned for those details. 

If you chose delivery, you will be receiving it around the same dates. 
Q: Are there prizes? 
A: We will have prizes for top competitors. If you are trying to win, make sure you have proof of every mile ready. 

Q: Do I have to be fast? 
A: Absolutely not! And you don't have to complete a bunch of miles. Do your best. There are many different levels of athletes participating in this Challenge. and YES, you are an athlete. 


Q: What else do I need to know?
A: Make sure you're in the Facebook group! CLICK HERE!
This is where we are going to interact, share progress, post selfies. We'll have different themes and topics throughout the Challenge. 


LOGGING IN MILES: Trouble Shooting Questions

Q: I need to enter my second run but I keep entering it and my first run disappears, how do I fix it?
A: In this example, you are overwriting the first run. Instead, keep the data the same for the first run, and click ADD ANOTHER ACTIVITY in order to add your second run/walk. You will continue to do this every time you add a run/walk.
Q: I did not get my link, how do I log my miles?
A: The day after you register, you should have received an email from us with these same instructions. Please check your spam. Keep in mind you MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE https://RUNSIGNUP.COM/LOGIN  ACCOUNT THAT YOU USED TO REGISTER FOR THE RACE BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE STEPS ABOVE.
Q: When I search my name it does not come up to enter virtual results or it says I don't have permission?
A: You must be logged into the same  account that you registered with.
Q: I don't see the date when I try to log my results, why not?
A: Once you get into the results page, you have to click Add Another Activity. You have to do this every time you log an activity. The distance on the right is the total distance. It will automatically add that up for you and you don't have to enter anything.
Q: I ran again today, how do I enter a second entry of results?
A: In the results page, choose Add Another Activity. DO NOT JUST OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS ACTIVITY OR IT WILL DISAPPEAR. Each time you do a new run/walk/bike, you need to click Add Another Activity. At the end of the challenge, if you ran once per day and have 62 runs, you will see all 62 activities in the submit results page. Don't overwrite them.
Q: I made a mistake on entering my results, how do I change it.
A: In this example, you can go in and overwrite the mistake. Don't just enter it again correctly, you have to overwrite the incorrect data.
Q: I entered my results but I don't see them in the listing.
A: The results take a few minutes to update. If it has been a few minutes, double check you are looking at the correct race. There is a drop down box called Result Set - choose that to switch between events. The default is the SD-OR challenge. If you still don't see your results, see the below post on being anonymous.
Q: My wife/friend/mother/daughter registered me, how do I move that to my account?
A: Here is a link to and article on How to move a sub-account to another user. Follow the section titled: Transfer Sub-Account To Another Existing Account 
Q: I am listed as anonymous in the results, why?
A: When you create an account, you have an option to be listed as anonymous in results. If you do not want this, go into your profile and click to edit profile. You will see a check box at the bottom that you want to UNCHECK to be listed again.


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