Cycle of Hope

In-Person October 24th | Virtual October 1st-24th
Why fundraise?

In short, Habitat for Humanity needs your help. We’re working to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live – and here in the Bay Area, the need for housing opportunity impacts us all. So, we need all the support we can get to move the needle on this crisis. The good news is that when you raise support for Habitat, every gift truly does make a difference. It could be the $10 that buys a box of nails. Or the $50 that puts a sink in a family’s kitchen. Or the $1,000 that paints that family’s home. Whatever you raise for Habitat is a hand up to your neighbors working to build strength, stability, and self-reliance. And as a fringe benefit, fundraising can earn you some terrific prizes!

How to get started

Fundraising is easier than you think! In fact, just by signing up to ride, you’ll already earn $100 to Habitat, courtesy of Bob, Barbara, and Friends of Cycle of Hope. Studies show that people are more likely to contribute to a fundraiser that already has donations under its belt – so you’re already well positioned to raise even more support for Habitat! To build on your success, send out the link to your fundraising page to get more people to chip in.

Creating Your Fundraising Page:

  1.  During Registration
    • When you register for Cycle of Hope, your fundraising page will automatically be created for you! 
    • During the registration process, you'll come across a screen that says Set up your fundraiser below.
    • This is where you can customize your fundraising page with a personal goal, story, and much more.
    • Scroll down and you'll also see options for creating or joining a team as well as making your first donation! 
    • Click "continue" and finish your registration! 
    • Once you complete your registration, be on the lookout for an email with your fundraising page details and a personalized link to share with your family and friends to get started! 
  1. Without Registering
    • Go to the "Donate" button in the top right-hand corner
    • Under Select a fundraiser to donate to a cause, click on the button that says "Become a fundraiser".
    • Then you'll see a page that says Become A Fundraiser, this is where you can customize your fundraising page with a personal goal, story, and much more.
    • Click "Set Up Fundraiser" to complete the setup of your fundraising page!
    • Be on the lookout for an email with your fundraising page details and a personalized link to share with your family and friends to get started! 

The main tip for fundraising? Ask! It really is that simple – you can’t get support unless you ask for it! How to ask, you ask? Here are some simple pointers for making the ask:

  • Make it personal: When you ask for support, you’re not just asking people to support Habitat – you’re asking them to support you. So, let them know why affordable housing matters to you. You can also personalize your fundraising page with photos, personal stories, and more. Just go to your profile scroll down to the Fundraising section, and click Edit Fundraiser to the right of your Cycle of Hope listing.

  • Create a cycle of success: Start with your innermost circle, those most likely to give in support when you ask. Perhaps this is your family, or your closest friends. Then, move outward in stages, asking more of your friends and extended family for support. Next, you might consider your colleagues, people in your community groups. Then, extend the ask even further outward by posting to social media. By moving in this fashion, you are more likely to get early donations – and studies show that the closer you get to your goal, the more likely people are to contribute and help you cross that finish line!

  • Share the gratitude: Make sure you thank your donors, and let them know they’ve made a difference!

  • Make it an occasion: Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? You might consider asking people to give in lieu of gifts!

  • Go for the goal: Be thoughtful about your fundraising goal. Make it ambitious, but achievable. And if you cross that finish – extend it!

  • Get social: Your fundraising page integrates seamlessly with Facebook, which means you can easily set up a Facebook Fundraiser that makes it a snap for your friends to give. Simply go to your profile, look under the Fundraising section and click on your name. This will take you to your Fundraiser Page, and there at the bottom, you’ll find a button to Create Your Fundraiser on Facebook!


Referrals are a great way to spread the Cycle of Hope love! Simply send out your referral link, and with a simple click, your friends and family can get registered to ride with you – while you get the credit for making the referral! And you’ll want that credit, because referring other riders can earn you some great referral prizes!

Looking for your referral link? There are a few places to find it:

  1. In the confirmation email you receive after you register.
  2. In your Profile, click on the My Referrals tab on the left side menu.
  3. On the confirmation page where you’ll land when you complete your registration, you can click the link to Refer Your Friends.


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