Sat September 7, 2019 Odessa, DE US 19730 Directions

Fusion Beer Mile

$30 2:00PM EDT
44 spots left. Registration ends September 6, 2019 at 11:59pm EDT
Race Website

Additional race information can be found at

Odessa Brew Fest
201 Main Street
Odessa, DE US 19730

Do you like running?

Do you like beer?

Then do not miss out on the Inaugural Fusion Beer Mile at the Odessa Brew Fest.

This event is limited to 100 participants and will also get you discounted tickets into the Brew Fest.

Each participant will receive a Fusion Beer Mile finisher medal, 4 beers (that you will drink during the mile), and lots of stories to tell your friends.

*This is an unofficial Beer Mile.  However it will still be a timed event and prizes will be awarded. 

Registration - Check In - Heat Times

Registration and Check In will begin at 1pm in the field next to the Odessa Brew Fest.

The first heat will begin at 2pm.  

Please make sure you are checked in and ready to go by 2pm.

Heats will consist of 15-20 participants and grouped according to your mile time.

Once the first heat is done, we will reset and send off heat 2.

You will be emailed your heat prior to the race to you can plan accordingly.

*We highly recommend you do not PRE GAME the Beer Mile :)


Awards will be based off the fastest time the beer mile is completed in. 

There are no age group awards for this event.

All beers must be consumed completely in order to qualify for an award.


Individual Beer Mile

Overall Top 5 Male/Female


Team Beer Mile 

Overall Top 5 Teams

(teams could be same sex or coed)

How old do I have to be to compete?

You must be 21 years old to compete and show valid identification at registration.  No exceptions.

Individual or Team Option

You can sign up as an individual or team option.

Individual: You will run the entire event yourself and consume all 4 beers.


Team (2 runners): You will run 1/2 mile and consume 2 beers.  Your partner will run 1/2 mile and consume 2 beers.

Each team member must register individually.  During the registration process please provide your partners name.

Does my registration include entry into the Odessa Brew Fest?

While your registration does NOT include entry into the Brew Fest it does allow you to get a $5 off discount.  You can purchase your ticket during the registration process and your ticket will be at WILL CALL.


Find out more about the Odessa Brew Fest HERE!

The Fusion Beer Mile is happening in the field next to the Odessa Brew Fest.

You wills start in the field next to the Brew Fest.  Consume your 1st beer,

Then you will run out a 1/4 mile.  Consume your 2nd beer.

Run back to where you started.  Consume your 3rd beer.

Run back out into the field.  Consume your 4th beer.

Then run to the finish area.

Beer Mile Rules

1. Individual: Each competitor drinks four cans of beer and runs four 1/4 miles.

You will consume a beer (beer 1).  Then run a quarter mile.  Consume another beer (beer 2).  Then run a quarter mile.  Consume another beer (beer 3).  Then run a quarter mile.  Consume another beer (beer 4).  Then run a quarter mile.


2. Team: Each person has to drink 2 beers and run (2) 1/4 miles.

Person #1.  You will consume a beer (beer 1).  Then run a quarter mile.  Consume another beer (beer 2).  Then run a quarter mile.

Then Person #2 takes over.

Person #2  You will consume a beer (beer 3).  Then run a quarter mile.  Consume another beer (beer 4).  Then run a quarter mile.


3. All beer must be consumed before the lap has begun, within the transition area. 
You must turn your can over and show the volunteer the can is empty.


4. Competitors must drink cans of beer and the contents will be no less than 12oz. 
Beer is provided.  You are not allowed to bring your own beer.


5. No specialized cans or bottles may be used that give an advantage by allowing the beer to pour at a faster rate. 
“Super mega mouth cans” or “vortex bottles” and other such containers are prohibited.


6. Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner.
 No shotgunning or puncturing of the can except for opening the can by the tab at the top.


7. Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume.
 The beer must be a fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and flavored with hops.


8. Each beer can must not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone on each lap.


9. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race. 
Immediately after the completion of their 4th lap.

Race Contact Info

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