The Ludwig Cann 10K Road Race

Sun April 7, 2019 Warwick, BM 0000


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The Ludwig Cann 10K Road Race

11-year-old Neehari Robinson was diagnosed with aveolar rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare and aggressive soft tissue sarcoma – in October 2013. When he was first diagnosed, both of his lungs had collapsed and his heart had been pushed over to the left. He has undergone nine months of intense chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy. Despite, achieving remission for three short months, the cancer returned in August 2014. Doctors gave him six months to live without additional treatment. This treatment will extend his life, but is not seen as a long-term cure. His parents are anxious to seek alternative therapies that will hopefully help Neehari to achieve full remission. They are seeking to travel to the Budwig centre in Spain at a cost of £7300 excluding airfare. In addition supplements and vitamins are currently £600-£1000 per month. Neehari is a sensitive, caring little boy with a strong will to live and his parents and siblings are desperate to save him from this deadly disease.

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A fundraising website page has been set up for Neehari at

Donations to assist Neehari can be made directly through the gofundme website page, or alternatively via the HSBC Bermuda account number 006-033-005-011

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