Superhero Scramble: Two Generations Tackling Cancer Together

Virtual Event through October 23rd Anytown, DE 99999 US

Superhero Scramble: Two Generations Tackling Cancer Together

Donation Goal: $2,500


Although they were diagnosed two days apart, Ayden has already conquered two rounds of chemo like the CHAMPION he is!  Willie’s course of treatment begins October 1, 2020 so we are fundraising to support both of them as play the long game in this battle against leukemia and lung cancer.

Willie has led a life of service donating his time as a football coach to area youth.  Ayden has taken on his Poppy’s loves of football and giving back. They share an amazing outlook: neither has asked “why me?" They both just want the game plan so they can give it their all.   To know Willie is to love him- just ask any friend, family member or player of his.  He treats us all the same, and is a source of strength for every single one of us.  He usually shies away from attention, but he is willing to share his story in the name of doing everything he can to garner support for his grandson, Ayden.

Ayden shares many wonderful attributes with his Poppy: hardworking, humble, strong, and a healthy sense of humor.  While they share the same outlook, Ayden is a bit more vocal so we would like to share a few of his responses to the challenges AML has brought:

Ayden on Clinical Trials:  It'll help other kids?  Ooh yeah, let's do that, I like helping others.

Ayden on losing his hair: On the bright side... no haircuts!  &   It'll grow back, that's what hair does!

Ayden on spending his 11th birthday in the hospital: That's okay, ya know what?  I bet other kids have to spend their birthday in the hospital too.

Ayden upon learning friends and family have donated:  WOW.  I'm really loved, aren't I?  It's cool to know I have a lot of people supporting me.

Ayden telling his best friend he was diagnosed with AML:  Hey!  Do you have any friends with cancer?... NOW ya do!

Ayden during his virtual class for school:

Classmate: I got a new pair of glasses this summer!

Ayden:  That's nice!  I got cancer this summer!

A portion of 5K proceeds will be donated to The B+ Foundation ®.  The remaining 5K proceeds and ALL silent auction winning bid donations (please visit ) will go to Ayden and his Poppy as they tackle cancer together.

With heartfelt thanks,

Ayden and Poppy's Avengers


Raised of $2,500


Top Donors

$2,137 Raised By 50 Donors

$100 on behalf of Ashley Christy
$100 on behalf of Barbara Deichert
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Dan Calvarese
$100 on behalf of Dana Nestor
$100 on behalf of Janelle Antonio
$100 on behalf of Jeff Leggett
$100 on behalf of John Poore
$100 on behalf of Lise Clavel
$100 on behalf of Sandra Hulsman
$50 on behalf of Barbara Casarino
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Dave Noonan
$50 on behalf of Eric White
$50 on behalf of Fred Beach
$50 on behalf of Jessica Weller
$50 on behalf of Jodi Drake
$50 on behalf of Mary Ellen Himes
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Nickie Brousseau
$50 on behalf of Pamela Jasinski
$50 on behalf of Rebecca Villavicencio
$40 on behalf of The Arvey Family
$25 on behalf of Ashley Pezzullo
$25 on behalf of Barbara Allen
$25 on behalf of Danielle Nardo
$25 on behalf of Deborah Hollyday
$25 on behalf of Karen Lynch
$25 on behalf of Mary Bracken
$25 on behalf of MaryJane Bennett
$25 on behalf of Rachel Hodel
$25 on behalf of Shaun Bandy
$25 on behalf of Theresa Matthews
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of BARBARA DEICHERT
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Helena Webster
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Maureen Carey
$20 on behalf of Sylvia Thiemann-Dale
$20 on behalf of Tara Mestre
$20 on behalf of Taylor Swank
$20 on behalf of Tripp Shenton
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Jennifer LaMonaca
$10 on behalf of Joseph Gennusa
$5 on behalf of Jo Ann Alexander
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Teresa Lerch
$2 from Anonymous

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