Fusion Racing Summer 5K Series

Wed June 20 - Wed August 22 Newark, DE US 19711 Directions


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Fusion Inclusion

Donation Goal: $500

What is Fusion Inclusion all about?
Fusion Inclusion is not just a movement. Fusion Inclusion is about movement.

It’s about making it possible for people with physical and cognitive challenges to participate in local races by giving them access to adaptive running chairs. Fusion Inclusion was started by Nic DeCaire and Steve Sinko to make it possible for everyone to cross the finish line at a race in Delaware, no matter their challenges.

Inclusion running offers many benefits, but right now it is an exception at most races. Many people, young and old, want to be included but their physical limitations keep them from participating.

So far, five chairs have been purchased at a cost of about $4,900 each through Team Hoyt Running Chairs. These chairs are named for the famous father-and-son running duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt, who ran the Boston Marathon 32 times. These chairs are lightweight, strong and comfortable.

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Raised By 33 Donors

$25on behalf of Carol Giampietro
$25on behalf of Steve Brogan
$25on behalf of Thomas Godwin
$20on behalf of Mike Newhard
$20on behalf of The Isabelle Family
$15from Anonymous
$15from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Erin Sicuranza
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$5on behalf of Bob Wisniewski
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