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Mermaid Mile Swim

Sat May 13 - Sat August 19
Location: Boca Raton, FL US 33431 Directions
Type: Swim


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Mermaid Mile Swim

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  The Children's Tumor Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF).  NF affects more than 2 million people worldwide; this makes NF more prevalent than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Huntington's Disease combined.  With the money that is raised, we help fund research that will hopefully one day end NF.

The main website is ctf.org.  The endurance specific site is nfendurance.org.


Raised By 56 Donors

$150on behalf of Kristen Mathosian
$100on behalf of Kenny Sloan
$50on behalf of julia fermayer
$50on behalf of Kathryn Batt
$50on behalf of Paul Mellinger
$25on behalf of Jessica Vanderbrook
$25on behalf of John Melia
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Paul Mellinger
$25on behalf of Stuart Borie
$25on behalf of Stuart Pechter
$25on behalf of Todd Menahem
$20from Anonymous
$20on behalf of Shannon Cutting
$18from Anonymous
$15on behalf of Kim Nordheim
$10on behalf of Aline Silva
$10on behalf of Brennan Binder
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Danni Mackler
$10on behalf of Davis Kong
$10on behalf of Dina Fiore
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Mimi Reeves
$10on behalf of Robert McCauley
$10on behalf of Shannon Stone
$10on behalf of Wayne Rosa
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Aline Silva
$5on behalf of Brandon Steve La Chapelle Senior
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Crystal Lewis
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Glen Greytak
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Kodi Cabral
$5on behalf of Marius Popovici
$5on behalf of Michele Kanarick
$5on behalf of Richard St John
$5on behalf of Sophy Englund
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of William Brown
$4from Anonymous
$2from Anonymous
$2on behalf of Christian Stocker
$2on behalf of Gina Siegers
$1from Anonymous
$1from Anonymous
$1from Anonymous
$1on behalf of Michael Parente
$1from Anonymous