Hurricane Irma devastated many of the islands in the Keys, flooding or literally blowing-away homes, damaging roofs, destroying cars, boats, furniture and other possessions. Many people remain homeless or unable to occupy their residences. To give back to this community that has been so welcoming to our race and to runners and athletes in general, the KEYS100 “family” is asking for your donation in support of the Monroe County (Keys) Sheriff’s Office Relief Fund to help their employees in need. Sheriff’s Office staff were the first to help their neighbors and the last to return to their own homes to assess the damage. Please give generously in support of these selfless first responders.

The "Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys" has been the official charity of KEYS100 for 10 years.  Since 1998, this Key West-based community organization has been providing support to patients and their families from Key Largo to Key West with financial assistance, emotional support, educational materials, cancer screenings, information and referral services for prostate, breast, colon and other forms of cancer. “Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc.” has an ongoing program of educational outreach, free screenings and post-screening support to discover these cancers early and improve the treatment outcome as well as overall quality of life for those found with these diseases. For prostate cancer, for example, too many men throughout the Keys have been diagnosed late, at a more advanced stage when a cure is more difficult.

This is the opportunity to support your favorite Runner or Relay Team in the 2017 KEYS100 while helping fund the important work of the "Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc." Every dollar is put to work and is greatly appreciated.

For those runners who choose to actively fund raise, the KEYS100 also provides a fundraising option for runners (or teams) to have their registration fee refunded in full. Full details are posted on the “Registration” and “Runners Only: Fundraising” website pages.

Thank you for your generous contribution to the work of the "Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc."