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KEYS100 Ultramarathon

Sat May 18 - Sun May 19, 2019
Race: KEYS100 Ultramarathon
Location: Key West, FL US 33040
Type: Run or Run/Walk


The "Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys" is the official charity of KEYS100. Since 1998, this Key West-based local charity has been providing support to patients and their families from Key Largo to Key West with financial assistance, emotional support, educational materials, cancer screenings, information and referral services for prostate, breast, colon and other forms of cancer. “Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc.” has an ongoing program of educational outreach, free screenings and post-screening support to discover these cancers early and improve the treatment outcome as well as overall quality of life for those found with these diseases. For prostate cancer, for example, too many men throughout the Keys have been diagnosed late, at a more advanced stage when a cure is more difficult.
Helping residents of the Florida Keys in their quest to learn ways to treat and pay for this dreaded and expensive disease has become the rallying cry of the Foundation. All of the funds raised by the Cancer Foundation are used to assist cancer patients in the Florida Keys community.



Raised By 50 Donors

$1,000on behalf of Chris Clothier
$500on behalf of Elleigh and Kona
$200on behalf of Gavin Hart
$100on behalf of Bruce Gungle
$100on behalf of Jeff (Dad) Lovelace
$100on behalf of Robert Weisgarber
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Donna Alexander
$50on behalf of Erin Wilson
$50on behalf of Hollie Wright
$50on behalf of Jennifer McCrea
$50on behalf of Kelly Shaer
$50on behalf of Mauri Pereira
$50on behalf of Sara Anderson
$50on behalf of STACEY NIEVWEIJA
$50on behalf of Terri Sawyer
$40on behalf of Edward Blackshaw
$40on behalf of Maria Hopple
$30on behalf of Liz & Darren
$25on behalf of Ashley Scott
$25on behalf of Donnie & Sari Chapman
$25on behalf of Gaspar Rodriguez
$25on behalf of Joseph Jaffe
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Melanie Owen
$25on behalf of Michael Ryan
$25from Anonymous
$20on behalf of James Schroeder
$20from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Bob Hoogendoorn
$10on behalf of caryn lubetsky
$10on behalf of Craig Kennedy
$10on behalf of Crista Mockenhaupt
$10on behalf of Jeffery McGilvary
$10on behalf of Joseph Walbe
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Matthias Landwehr
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Phillip Bassignani
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Sascha Sandtner
$10on behalf of Tanya Maxwell
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Tulio Chirinos
$10from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Maria Frosth
$5on behalf of Nicholas Angiolilli
$5on behalf of Steven Specht

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