Please take a moment to consider making a donation to this event's charity, SNIPcollier.

We started SNIP Collier three years ago to combat the overpopulation of animals in Collier county .The county is forced to euthanize thousands of animals a year due to animals a year due to overpopulation and not enough homes. There are quite a few organizations that help with cat's so we decided to  focus's our efforts on the dog population .

We go into lower income areas and provide low cost or free spay and neuter's to people that need help.  

It is proven that animals that have been fixed or healthier , less aggressive and tend to stay closer to home. By being healthier the owners spend less on vet bills , less aggression results in less bite cases and animal on animal aggression and animals tend to stay closer to home so as not impact the rest of the community.

By promoting spay and neuter everyone benefits including the animals . 
Please help us cut down on euthanasia and make your communities healthier and safer.
Tom Kepp