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Endless Summer 10K & 5K

Sat September 15, 2018
Location: St. Augustine, FL US 32080 Directions
Type: Run Only, Run or Run/Walk, Virtual Race


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Endless Summer 10K & 5K

This is the Endless Summer 10K & 5K that benefits Don's Friends and the Friends of Anastasia.

Your Donation will benefit 2 fine 5013c Charities.  Please visit our websites shown below.
1) The Don Ausman Foundation - Promoting College Students to use their vacation breaks to help others in need. - See: www.DonsFRIEND.com
2) Friends of Anastasia - Helping and supporting our beautiful Anastasia State Park. See: www.FriendsofAnastasia.org

  Each person that donates $100.00 or more will be listed on the back of our Very Popular Turtle T-shirts, as a sponsor.

This is the largest annual Fund Raiser for both Charities.  

We want to Thank You Soooo much for your support.  

Don Ausman Foundation & Friends of Anastasia


Raised By 57 Donors

$500on behalf of Sandra Hoogerwerf
$250on behalf of Kyle L Worrell
$100on behalf of Charles Goodyear
$100on behalf of Kristie Harris
$100on behalf of Loretta Lombard
$100on behalf of Mackenzie Lusher
$100on behalf of WYCO Mining & Investment
$50on behalf of Meg Reesey
$50on behalf of Tracy Gallagher
$25on behalf of Peter Spiller
$20from Anonymous
$20on behalf of Glenn Landers
$20on behalf of Heidi Kocerka
$20on behalf of James Silver
$10on behalf of Amanda Labonville
$10on behalf of Andrea Farmer
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Craig Saathoff
$10on behalf of Dawn Sexton
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Leslie Johnson
$10on behalf of Marjorie Mann
$10on behalf of Max Meadows
$10on behalf of Melinda McCurry
$10on behalf of Michele Weed
$10on behalf of Patricia Falaney
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Ron Coyne
$10on behalf of Sandi Richmond
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Steven Spradley
$10on behalf of Terry Sikes
$10on behalf of Tod Crimmins
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Bonnie Friedman
$5on behalf of Christopher Powell
$5on behalf of Christy Castelli
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Julie Sebestyen
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Kristina Spain
$5on behalf of Lauren Thombleson
$5on behalf of Philip Tyson
$5on behalf of Robert Olsen
$5on behalf of Sharon Kalis
$5on behalf of Susan Baker
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Virginia Eddy
$5from Anonymous
$2from Anonymous
$2on behalf of raymond symonds
$2on behalf of Savanna Royals
$1from Anonymous
$1on behalf of Stephanie Flatt
$1on behalf of Victory Chester