Run for Wendy 10K & 5K

Sat November 9, 2019 West Palm Beach, FL US 33404 Directions
The Wendy Martinez Legacy Project

Goal: $2,500

The family and friends of Wendy Martinez established the Wendy Martinez Legacy Project (TWMLP), to honor a woman who brought light and joy into our lives and was sadly taken too soon. Before her shocking death in September 2018, Wendy was a thriving and ambitious professional, loving daughter and friend, and active member of the Washington, DC community. Wendy was a passionate dreamer who sought to change the world by empowering women in technology, supporting women's entrepreneurship, and connecting deeply with her community through running. To honor Wendy’s life, TWMLP will finance projects at the intersection of three critical areas, with a focus on generating positive, lasting change. Through our combined efforts we know that in the in the end, #LoveWins. 


The WMLP recognizes the potential of technology to generate social good. It invests in causes & organizations that utilize tech to maximize impact and empower both women and the community at large.
Wendy believed in the power of business to do good. As such, the WMLP supports women’s entrepreneurship through leadership programs and efforts to foster female entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C. and abroad.
Wendy was a vibrant member of her community. The WMLP honors this by supporting community engagement activities and other efforts that reflect a particular focus on running through “Run for Wendy.”


Raised of $2,500


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