Donations can be made by individuals to help fund and support the efforts of individual branches. Each dollar donated goes to help train teachers and educate parents and professionals about dyslexia. These efforts directly and immediately impact our children who are struggling to thrive in school due to their inability to read fluently.
Are you the parent of child with dyslexia? Contact IDA-GA at for ways to promote dyslexia awareness in your child’s school and help raise money for the Dash!
The names of all individuals, families, and fundraisers, who donate $100 or more before 6pm on October 9th will be printed on the back of the Dash T-shirt. Those who donate over $100 can request an additional name for each $100 donated. 

If you are a small business, please contact Dyslexia Dash Chair, Stacey Levy or Debbie Dreas at to learn how to become a sponsor!