Lawndale 5k

Sat September 28, 2019 Chicago, IL US 60623 Directions


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Lawndale 5k

Since 1984, Lawndale Christian Health Center has been carrying out its mission to show and share the love of Jesus by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare for Lawndale and the neighboring communities. Over time, LCHC has expanded to meet the community's needs through various services, including Lawndale Christian Fitness Center! The Fitness Center has been providing an affordable and welcoming space to work out since 2006. The Lawndale 5K is a joint effort of the Health Center and the Fitness Center to encourage overall wellness in the community.

Your donation helps to improve the LCFC experience by allowing us to keep our fitness classes free for members, sponsoring need-based memberships, lowering registration costs for all of our sports leagues, and keeping our facilities in top condition. Together we build a stronger community one step, jog, and sprint at a time!


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