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Outpacing Melanoma 5K

Sun May 6, 2018
Location: Overland Park, KS US 66210 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk


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Outpacing Melanoma 5K

Outpacing Melanoma Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding research for and increasing awareness of melanoma by promoting prevention, screening and early detection throughout the Kansas City region.




Raised By 416 Donors

$2,200from Anonymous
$1,050Display Options The Kelly Way Foundation
$1,000from Anonymous
$1,000Display Options Johnson Family Johnson Family
$751Display Options Team GB
$750Display Options John Gerding
$630Display Options Tracy Anctil
$500Display Options John Byers
$500Display Options Kristi Kanarek
$500from Anonymous
$350Display Options Mark and Jimmie Marie Cosby
$300Display Options Lauralea Wander
$300from Anonymous
$250Display Options Alice Scott
$250Display Options Avis Cosby
$250Display Options Chris Chadwick
$250Display Options Chris Lominska
$250Display Options David & Shirley Lowe Family
$250from Anonymous
$250Display Options Joshua and Julie Mammen
$250Display Options Keith Anderson
$250Display Options Rosemann & Associates, P.C.
$250Display Options Steve & Kendra Johnson
$250Display Options Top Notch Heating & Cooling
$230from Anonymous
$200Display Options Billie Schettino
$200from Anonymous
$200Display Options Don Simpson
$200Display Options Friends from BNSF
$200Display Options Jim & Kathi flexman
$200Display Options KUCC
$200Display Options Matt Whiteaker
$200Display Options Michael Stephens
$200Display Options Mike and ShirLee Perrodin
$200Display Options Rick Miles
$200Display Options Tom Tom
$195Display Options L&J
$176Display Options Team Hopkins - Keep Calm & Cramp On
$150Display Options Andrew Wood
$150Display Options Mark and Jimmie Marie Cosby
$150Display Options Robin and Jim Anctil
$150from Anonymous
$145Display Options In Memory of Grant Bowerman
$125Display Options Broken Arrow Family
$100Display Options Alison Banikowski
$100Display Options Alison Banikowski
$100Display Options Alli Nichols
$100Display Options Anthony Mann
$100Display Options Ashley Cohen
$100Display Options Barbara Stein
$100Display Options Berry Family
$100Display Options Bette Hood
$100Display Options BNSF Structures Department
$100Display Options Bobbie and Roy Messick
$100Display Options Bursch Family
$100Display Options Cati Wolfe
$100Display Options Christi Hashagen
$100Display Options Christy Smith
$100Display Options Connie Henry
$100Display Options Craig & Rosanne Power
$100Display Options Daniel Froelich
$100Display Options Dennis Zebell
$100Display Options Eileen Coughenour
$100from Anonymous
$100from Anonymous
$100Display Options Erik & Marilyn Frohberg
$100from Anonymous
$100Display Options Janet Anderson
$100Display Options Jim & Lora Ewbank
$100Display Options Jim Howard
$100Display Options Joanie and Chad Kelly
$100Display Options Joe and Michele Sevcik
$100Display Options Joe Close
$100Display Options Joe Symes
$100Display Options John & Evelyn VanGoethem
$100Display Options Joy Warner
$100Display Options Judy Dugan
$100Display Options Karen & Rocky Osborn
$100Display Options Ken and Stephanie Hanaway
$100Display Options Kristin Brotherton
$100Display Options Kyle Becker
$100Display Options Lee Ann Harpenau
$100Display Options Linda Price
$100Display Options Linda Reed
$100Display Options Lindsay & Grant Messick
$100Display Options Lisa Phillips
$100Display Options Louise Louise
$100Display Options Lynne and Don Owen
$100Display Options Mamaw & Papa Pete
$100Display Options Marc & Jana Elkins
$100Display Options Maribeth Collier
$100Display Options Mark and Jimmie Marie Cosby
$100Display Options Marsha Wood
$100Display Options Mary Fry
$100Display Options Megan Megan
$100Display Options Mike & Nancy White
$100Display Options Mike McEnany
$100Display Options Mindy Householder
$100Display Options Molly Porter
$100Display Options Nancy Donahue
$100Display Options Paul and Robin Pfannenstiel
$100Display Options Peggy Cook
$100Display Options Ramona Wiesley
$100Display Options Randal and Karen Leimer
$100Display Options Rebecca Schieferecke
$100Display Options Robert OCONNELL
$100Display Options Ryan and Shanon Byous
$100from Anonymous
$100Display Options Scott Chadwick
$100Display Options Sherri Reeves
$100Display Options Shirley & Rick Trudell
$100Display Options Stacy Scalfaro
$100Display Options Stephanie Chadwick
$100Display Options Stuart and Diane Rauh
$100Display Options Sue Phillips
$100Display Options Susan OConnor
$100Display Options The Gundersons
$100Display Options The Faulkner Family
$100Display Options Thomas Reynolds
$100Display Options Tim & Faye Chadwick
$100Display Options Tish & Dominic Varraveto
$100Display Options Tom and Jane Blake
$90Display Options Lucie, Caroline, Sarah Blake
$75Display Options Bari GARNER-HOLMAN
$75from Anonymous
$75Display Options Nicole's Mum
$75Display Options Sharon Wetwiska
$60Display Options The Hempe Family
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Alan Kovar
$50Display Options Allison Boll
$50Display Options Amy McDonald
$50Display Options Andy and Autumn Early
$50Display Options Anna Jindrich
$50Display Options Anna Nelson
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Anne Melia
$50Display Options Bill and Pam Nugent
$50Display Options Brad Burwell
$50Display Options Bree Bursch
$50Display Options Brenda Bowman
$50Display Options Brenda Colwell
$50Display Options Bret & Kristel Fulcher
$50Display Options Brock Bila
$50Display Options Bryan Durant
$50Display Options Calvin & Sandy Thelen
$50Display Options Camille Burt
$50Display Options Charlotte Vines
$50Display Options Chris Corp
$50Display Options Christi Skelton
$50Display Options Cindy Blessen
$50Display Options Cindy Van Horn
$50Display Options Claire Price
$50Display Options Claire Saunders
$50Display Options Dan & Bibi Chadwick
$50Display Options Dave and Mary Anctil
$50Display Options Debbie Letterman
$50Display Options Debbie McFadden
$50Display Options Demi Levitch and family
$50Display Options Dennis & Barb Dolan
$50Display Options Doug Blair
$50Display Options Elaine Simeon
$50Display Options Emily Prais
$50Display Options George Allaire
$50Display Options Ginny Kaupang
$50Display Options Greg & Sue Johnson
$50Display Options Gretchen & Randy Anderson
$50Display Options In memory of Gary Surbaugh
$50Display Options James Green
$50Display Options James Kanary
$50Display Options Janet Mueller
$50Display Options Jeff Creighton
$50Display Options Jerry and Beverly Burwell
$50Display Options Jerry and Kandy Husbands
$50Display Options Joan Robbins
$50Display Options Joanie & Carlin Knudsen
$50Display Options Jocelyn Rabbitt
$50Display Options John & Sharon H
$50Display Options John Dungan
$50Display Options John Howard
$50Display Options Judy Hanson
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Kaitlyn Polley
$50Display Options Karen and Bob Thompson
$50Display Options Kasey Ogle
$50Display Options Kathryn Noble
$50Display Options Kathy and David Scherler
$50Display Options Kathy Stoll
$50Display Options Keith Johnson
$50Display Options Keith Johnson
$50Display Options Kelsey Hughes
$50Display Options Kelsey Low
$50Display Options Ken & Kathy Jennison
$50Display Options Kevin Wagner
$50Display Options Kimberly Scarlett
$50Display Options Kristen Trombold
$50Display Options Kristin Schell
$50Display Options Larry woodley
$50Display Options Laura Long
$50Display Options Laura Sulentic
$50Display Options Lauryn Grisham
$50Display Options Linda Hickey
$50Display Options Linda O'Neill
$50Display Options Lisa Abo
$50Display Options Logan Marshall
$50Display Options Lynn Giunta
$50Display Options Lynn Lutjen
$50Display Options Madeline Prelogar
$50Display Options Marcia & Robert Anderson
$50Display Options Mark, Lisa, Morgan and Kate Mark, Lisa, Morgan and Kate
$50Display Options marty oconnell
$50Display Options Marty Williams Candy Williams
$50Display Options Matt Klein
$50Display Options Michael Marx
$50Display Options Michael Segalo
$50Display Options Michelle Ihrig
$50Display Options Michelle Marshall
$50Display Options Mike Jones
$50Display Options Mike Stephens
$50Display Options Minda Mason
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Nicole Backhaus
$50Display Options Pam Becker
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Patricia Jobe
$50Display Options Paul & Carol Klover
$50Display Options Renee Crews
$50Display Options Rick Crandell
$50Display Options Rod & Linda Jungling
$50Display Options Ron Evans
$50Display Options Ronda Ake
$50Display Options Sally Ackerman & Family
$50Display Options Samantha Cloud
$50Display Options Sara Crawford
$50Display Options Sharon & Ayelet
$50Display Options Steve & Jeanette Ackerman
$50Display Options Steve & Pat Schotte
$50Display Options Tammy Perott
$50Display Options Team Lynn
$50Display Options Ted Place
$50Display Options Teresa Moore
$50Display Options Teri Hanson
$50Display Options The Jayaram Family
$50Display Options The Kruse Family
$50Display Options The Maids of Johnson County
$50Display Options Theresa Swallow
$50Display Options Tom & Barbara Foster
$50Display Options Tom and Gail Echerd
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Urbano Family
$50Display Options Valerie Blevins
$50Display Options Wilis Reddick
$50Display Options Zachary Lazar
$45Display Options Laine Bowman
$45Display Options Lorianne Bergeron
$45Display Options Robin Shook
$45Display Options The Million Family
$40Display Options Collin Collin
$40Display Options Elisa Wood
$40Display Options Kelli Bogart
$40Display Options Sarah Lott
$40Display Options Susan Solenberger
$37from Anonymous
$35Display Options Carol Kaufold
$35Display Options Christine Slack
$35Display Options Cullen Rostveit
$35Display Options Diane McDaniel
$35Display Options Donna Kueck
$35Display Options Joe & Mary Ellen Nolte
$35Display Options Judith Hinkle
$35from Anonymous
$30Display Options Andrea Zebell
$30Display Options Carmen Foglia
$30Display Options Elena Rusche
$30Display Options Joe & Jan Lehmann
$30Display Options Karen Duethman
$30Display Options Kent Schmidtberger
$30Display Options Lacy Lacy
$30Display Options Mariah Morley
$30Display Options Melanie Langford
$30Display Options Rinku Howard
$30Display Options Sarah Calhoun
$30Display Options Sharon Sutherlin
$30Display Options Tom & Christy Vopat
$25from Anonymous
$25Display Options Amber Stenger
$25Display Options Angie Soh
$25Display Options Ann Illgner
$25Display Options Ashley Enz
$25Display Options Betsy Cowin
$25Display Options Bill & Sue Ferryman
$25Display Options Bridget Vitali
$25Display Options Brittany Koppers
$25from Anonymous
$25Display Options Camella Gunnell
$25Display Options Carol and Dave LELIGDON
$25Display Options Catherine Felten
$25Display Options Chad Deshler
$25Display Options Cherry Linthavong
$25Display Options Cletus Wander
$25Display Options Colleen Boeding
$25Display Options Daryl Sweetland
$25Display Options Deborah Campbell
$25Display Options Delores Corker
$25Display Options Denise Mayberry
$25Display Options Erin Emison
$25Display Options George & Chris Stathopoulos
$25Display Options Grace and Charles Barth
$25Display Options In Memory of Jenny Johnson
$25from Anonymous
$25Display Options Jeanne Shaw
$25Display Options Jessica Beatty
$25Display Options John & Carole Irwin
$25Display Options John Mulkey
$25Display Options Joseph Lambert
$25Display Options Joyce Helfer
$25Display Options Juanita Gordon
$25Display Options Karen Rankin
$25Display Options Keith Johnson
$25Display Options Kelli Musick
$25Display Options Kristin Kahl
$25Display Options Laura Oberkrom
$25Display Options Laurel Cline
$25Display Options Lauren Gore
$25Display Options Lauren Martin
$25Display Options Lauren Millay
$25Display Options Lawler's
$25Display Options Liz Michael
$25Display Options Mandy Strawn
$25Display Options Maureen Knell
$25Display Options Maxine Hunter
$25Display Options Mitchell Mellott
$25Display Options Paisner Family
$25from Anonymous
$25Display Options Regina Roach
$25Display Options Robert Robert
$25Display Options Sally Bowerman
$25Display Options Sandida J Moss
$25from Anonymous
$25Display Options Taylor Kinney
$25Display Options The Petri Family
$25Display Options Vince & Ann Vince & Ann
$20Display Options Allison Peck
$20Display Options Alyssa Palmisano
$20Display Options Amy Burwell
$20Display Options Ann Barthol
$20Display Options Arie Truesdell
$20Display Options Arin Straub
$20Display Options Barbara Bayer
$20Display Options Boyd & Shelley Brekhus
$20Display Options Cailyn Chelemedos
$20Display Options Carol's Daisies
$20Display Options Carole Vollintine
$20Display Options Chris Resovich
$20Display Options Duane & Tracy Thelen
$20Display Options Glenda & Larry Hukriede
$20Display Options Grace Gardens
$20Display Options Heather Ryan
$20Display Options Jeanne Rues
$20from Anonymous
$20from Anonymous
$20from Anonymous
$20Display Options Kristy Reynolds
$20Display Options Larry & Mary Thelen
$20Display Options Laura Wallis
$20Display Options Linda Russell
$20Display Options Mackenzie Clary
$20Display Options Mari Gray
$20Display Options Mike Saunders
$20Display Options Nick & Sharon Thelen
$20Display Options Norene Gaines
$20Display Options Phyllis Cole
$20Display Options Shari Hamblin
$20Display Options Stephanie Flannagan
$20Display Options Steve Pupillo
$20from Anonymous
$20Display Options The Buchanan Family
$20Display Options the Kreeger family
$20Display Options Tracy King
$20Display Options Trisha Trisha
$20Display Options Wendy Conaway
$15Display Options Brittany Tavernaro
$15from Anonymous
$15Display Options Jason Parker
$15Display Options Rohini Chakravarthy
$15from Anonymous
$10Display Options Aaron Barnhart
$10Display Options Annie Drape
$10Display Options Carmen Cutting
$10Display Options Faith Ngobiro
$10Display Options Heidi Filbert
$10Display Options Joan Major
$10Display Options Karen Price
$10Display Options Kevin & Kathy Morten
$10Display Options Kevin Morten
$10Display Options Linda Russell
$10Display Options Martha Crise
$10Display Options Mary Innis-Jochem
$10from Anonymous
$10Display Options Rich & Kathy Kay
$10from Anonymous
$10Display Options Tammy Luke
$10Display Options Taylor Johnson
$10Display Options Tiffany
$10Display Options Tom Miller
$10Display Options Victoria Gibson
$10from Anonymous
$8from Anonymous
$5Display Options Amy Worob
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5Display Options Libby O'Neil
$5Display Options Mick Hagens
$5Display Options Team Parks

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