Outpacing Melanoma 5K

Sun May 5, 2019 Overland Park, KS US 66210 Directions


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Outpacing Melanoma 5K

Outpacing Melanoma Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding research for and increasing awareness of melanoma by promoting prevention, screening and early detection throughout the Kansas City region.




Raised By 86 Donors

$1,000Display Options Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center
$1,000Display Options Steve Wambold
$500Display Options Alice Scott
$500Display Options Johnson Family
$250from Anonymous
$250Display Options Jimmie Marie Cosby
$250Display Options Nathan Funkhouser
$200Display Options Billie Schettino
$200Display Options Rick Miles
$200Display Options Sam and Carol Corker
$200from Anonymous
$100Display Options Alison Banikowski
$100Display Options Anne Anne
$100Display Options Barbara Stein
$100Display Options Bari Garner-Holman
$100Display Options Bobby & Molly Olm-Shipman
$100Display Options Brendalyn Blake
$100Display Options Cati Wolfe
$100Display Options Cindy and Laura
$100Display Options Cindy Blessen
$100Display Options Dave Lundgren
$100Display Options Debbie McFadden
$100Display Options Evelyn VanGoethem
$100Display Options George Allaire
$100from Anonymous
$100Display Options Janet Anderson
$100Display Options John Howard
$100Display Options Kathy Scherler
$100Display Options Kimberly Scarlett
$100Display Options Logan Marshall
$100Display Options Sue Phillips
$100Display Options Teri Hanson
$72from Anonymous
$50Display Options Amber Stenger
$50Display Options Ann Wyman
$50Display Options Ashley Enz
$50Display Options Barbra Moore
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Claire Price
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Heather Ryan
$50Display Options Jaime Welsh
$50Display Options Jeff Creighton
$50Display Options Jeffrey Miller
$50Display Options Jenna Stecher
$50from Anonymous
$50Display Options Lisa Phillips
$50Display Options Marcia Bailey
$50Display Options Nancy Miller
$50Display Options Pam Becker
$50Display Options Rachel Woody-Pumford
$50Display Options Rebecca Schieferecke
$50Display Options Rick Crandell
$50Display Options Robert & Mika McDougall
$50Display Options Sharon and Tom
$50Display Options Stacy Scalfaro
$50Display Options Stephen Williamson
$50Display Options Tammy Perott
$40Display Options Caleb Johnson
$40Display Options Denise Loeb
$30Display Options Sarah Blake
$25Display Options Anna Jindrich
$25Display Options Brenda Pryor
$25Display Options Brenda Ryefield
$25Display Options Carol Chrzanowski
$25Display Options Elijah Kane
$25Display Options Emily Ortega
$25Display Options J.C. Presley
$25Display Options Jeanne Rues
$25Display Options Lynn Schaefer
$25Display Options Mary Innis-Jochem
$25Display Options Shirley Brogna
$20from Anonymous
$20Display Options Amy Burwell
$20Display Options Angela Hopkins
$20Display Options Carmen Cutting
$20from Anonymous
$20Display Options Donna Borchardt
$20Display Options Karen Price
$20Display Options Laurie Fievet
$20from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10Display Options Joan Major
$10from Anonymous
$5Display Options Rebecca Heiman
$1from Anonymous

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