Boston to Bar Harbor Challenge

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Boston to Bar Harbor Challenge

Donation Goal: $50,000


Donations support local New England food banks and hunger relief programs to help people who are in dire need of food.  Before Covid-19, 1 in 9 Americans struggled with food insecurity.   As a result of Covid-19 food insecurity is expected to double world-wide.  

100% of all donations go directly to the selected charities. This challenge supports local food banks and hunger relief programs.  We have provided the option to select one of the following charitable organizations:  The Greater Boston Food Bank, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Worcester County Food Bank, Rhode Island Community Food Bank, Foodshare (CT), Connecticut Food Bank, Vermont Foodbank, New Hampshire Food Bank, and the Good Shepherd Food Bank.  They all are (and have been) working hard to address the increasing need that has increased by 100% already due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Select the charity that you want to support today, and please feel free to encourage others to support as well. We had an initial goal of raising $10,000!

UPDATE: We have blown past our initial goal of $10,000 and have now set our sights on $50,000!  


What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity describes a household’s inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life. Food insecurity is one way we can measure and assess the risk of hunger.


Raised of $50,000


Top Donors

$63,444 Raised By 1,558 Donors

$500 from Anonymous
$500 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Karen Johnson
$500 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Kyrsten Koebach
$500 on behalf of Lisa Pappo
$500 on behalf of Lori Lyn Price
$500 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Michael Feld
$500 from Anonymous
$500 from Anonymous
$250 on behalf of Brian Levy
$250 on behalf of Etta Eskridge
$250 on behalf of Jen & Ted Ashburn
$250 on behalf of Mally Lloyd
$250 on behalf of Mike Thomas
$250 on behalf of Stephanie Adams
$200 on behalf of Peter Quimby
$180 on behalf of Neil Kudler
$150 on behalf of Bill Evans
$150 from Anonymous
$150 on behalf of Kimberly McLaughlin
$150 on behalf of Karen Buck
$136 on behalf of Mike and Amy Machulsky
$120 on behalf of Diana Powers

Individual Fundraisers

Will Ride for Food
Celina Adams
Pete helps hungry people
Ania Goes to Acadia
Theresa Veneto Mullen Travels
Dawn Rogers
Jesse Moriarity
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Josh T
Footsteps for Foodshare
Mark's Row to Bar Harbor to fight hunger
Betsy Caridi
Shilpi Banerjee
Ryan Freed
Olivia Haub
The Land of Misfit Toys
Karen's Boston to Bar Harbor Bike Ride
Hill vs. Hunger
Keith Putnam
Kathy's Cycle for Food
Stacy Burns Biking for Bites
Amy Wood
Christopher Bowen
Etta Eskridge
Peter Wellman

Select a Charity or fundraiser to donate to a cause.

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The Greater Boston Food Bank
$19,642.71 Collected
The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
$5,441 Collected
Worcester County Food Bank, Inc.
$4,210 Collected
Rhode Island Community Food Bank
$2,544 Collected
Foodshare (Connecticut)
$2,960 Collected
Connecticut Food Bank
$4,063 Collected
Vermont Food Bank
$3,772 Collected
New Hampshire Food Bank
$6,806.20 Collected
Good Shepherd Food Bank (Maine)
$8,989.69 Collected
Beautiful Together: Feeding Foster Youth
$5,015 Collected


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