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When one thinks about the University of Michigan, two defining characteristics that come to mind are community and leadership.  So too are they defining characteristics of our Hillel and what we provide for Jewish students on campus.

Michigan Hillel is unparalleled in terms of its size, diversity and quality of programming. Our Hillel supports over 40 independent student groups for our 6.500 Jewish students on campus – spanning the full breadth of Jewish life.  Each group provides opportunities for students to become involved as leaders, driving the programming and decision-making forward for their group and community.  Students build leadership, engagement, and community-organizing skills through our Hillel that benefit them in their roles on campus, in finding employment, and in life long after they graduate.

Each group also provides the opportunity for students to access a community that meets their individual needs. Through these student-led groups, students can find opportunities to explore their identities and interests in a safe, supportive, fun and nurturing environment.  Our programming covers social, political, religious, cultural and educational areas – all intended to help students access Jewish life and community on their own terms. We offer concerts, lectures, films, classes, community service, yoga, religious services, discussion groups, dialogue, immersive experiences at home and in Israel, free Shabbat lunches and dinners, and boast the only kosher restaurant – the Hillel Café – in our county. We also take more students to Israel on Birthright Israel than any other Hillel in the country.

You can come to Hillel to hang out, catch a movie, eat delicious meals, study, hold a group meeting or do yoga. But Hillel is not just confined to our building.  You can experience Hillel in coffee shops, in residence halls, on the diag, in your own home, in Israel or in Detroit.  Drop in or contact us to learn more about how to get connected. Or come to us with a new idea we can help you grow for your community.  Hillel is what you make it.

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