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The University of Michigan Addiction Center

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The University of Michigan Addiction Center (UMAC) offers assessment, diagnosis, and treatment personalized for individuals and their families. Their services are based on successful models of care and the wisdom of recovering individuals, supported by research, and delivered with compassion, hope, and respect for diversity. They are committed to achieving positive outcomes through outstanding care for people recovering from substance use disorders, including problems with prescription medications, alcohol, and other drugs. They offer assessments and a full range of evidence-based therapy options for individuals, groups, couples, and families. Recognizing that substance-related concerns range from milder problems to severe dependence, they provide early intervention and education as well as recovery-oriented addiction therapy, both for the individuals who are struggling as well as their friends and family. UMAC is committed to education. They strive to contribute new knowledge about the causes, consequences, and treatment of substance use disorders. Program faculty are responsible for teaching medical students, residents, and specialty medical professionals about substance-related disorders. Their staff is committed to providing research training for the development of the next generation of research scientists. To carry out these activities, the program has several training programs. Learn more about the University of Michigan Addiction Center by visiting their web site.

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