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Charyl's Run2BFit 10K/5K/1-mile

Sun October 22, 2017
Type: Run or Run/Walk, Run Only


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Charyl's Run2BFit 10K/5K/1-mile

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To make offline donation/sponsorship please contact
Jennifer Abner @ (248) 467-1995.

Thank you for your donation!  S&S Athletic Boosters and Charyl Stockwell Academy appreciates YOU!



Raised By 10 Donors

Platinum Sponsor$898,307from Anonymous
Platinum Sponsor$893,834from Anonymous
Platinum Sponsor$891,447from Anonymous
Athlete Food Sponsor$250on behalf of Nurture Family Center
Costume Contest Sponsor$100on behalf of David Hatcher
Costume Contest Sponsor$100on behalf of Melanie McPeake
Costume Contest Sponsor$100on behalf of Santa's Light Crew
$20on behalf of Denise Ricketts
$20from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Melanie Keyser