Transplant 5K

Sun June 17, 2018 Directions


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Help us raise money for Douglas Mumby Jr and his famliy while he waits for both a liver and kidney transplant

Donation Goal: $3,000

In the fall of 2016 Douglas Mumby Jr. was diagnosed with liver failure. While medicine and medical intervention helped for a while, in the fall of 2017 Doctors pursued putting Douglas on the Liver transplant list.  He lost function in one of his kidney's as a young child. The remaining kidney has been damaged due to the fluid buildup he's encountered with the Liver failure. He is in need of both a kidney and liver transplant.  His brothers have both been tested however Doctors will not take two organs from a live donor and as such he will need to be blessed with a deceased donor match.

Doug had already been working a reduced schedule for some time, but at the end of February, the doctors ordered him to stop working all together. Doug is unable to work for the foreseeable future. Doug does have medical insurance which will pay for a large portion of the transplant operation but will have to come up with $7,000-$10,000 or more out of pocket just for their portion. Doug will be unable to work for 6 months or longer after he has the successful operations. We are helping raise money to assist Doug and his family while they go through this difficult time.

Douglas and Amy have two sons, Rembrandt (Remy) who is a Senior at Lansing Catholic, and Michelangelo (Mickey) who is a Freshman at Lansing Catholic. They are also Nana and Papa to Christen's (Amy's daughter's) two girls, Evelyn (8) and Hazel (2). Doug turned 49 on January 20, 2018.

We are praying that successful surgery will help him live many more years. Please join us in praying for Douglas Mumby Jr. to remain strong as he waits for a donor. Considering supporting our cause with a donation. Donations can be made thru Run Sign Up (even if you are unable to participate in the event) and also on the GoFundMe page at


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