The Final - 4 miler

Sat April 6, 2019 Directions


The Final - 4 miler

Donation Goal: $1,000

RunningWorks is a non-profit running program founded to encourage the homeless community to rediscover the power of teamwork, discipline, confidence and respect for each other one stride at a time.

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Raised of $1,000


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$840 On Behalf Of Sisu Events
$50 On Behalf Of Suzanne Andrew
$25 On Behalf Of DoubleRadius
$25 from Anonymous
$10 On Behalf Of Meg Meaher
$10 On Behalf Of Milton Evans
$10 On Behalf Of Takaharu Hiruma
$10 On Behalf Of Tracey Hornsby
$5 On Behalf Of Darlene Goldfarb
$5 On Behalf Of Jason Porter
$5 from Anonymous
$5 On Behalf Of Jonathan Seiglie
$5 On Behalf Of Pamela Ross
$5 from Anonymous

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