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Gabriel and Drew are the recipients and will each receive 50% of the proceeds from the 2015 Tour De Kale.

Gabriel Davis
G Gabriel was born on May 3, 1987 and raised in Denton NC. He attended South Davidson High School where he graduated in 2003. Gabriel later helped coach the girl’s varsity basketball team at South Davidson.

Gabriel was in a very bad car accident on May 14, 2014. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that has left him totally disabled and dependent on someone else for his every need. Gabriel requires 24/7 care and supervision. Needless to say, some of the care and supervision he needs requires payment.

Drew Hill
D Drew had a severe seizure and was taken to Thomasville Medical Center on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014. After a CT scan, we were told he had a brain tumor and he was transported to Forsyth Medical Center. An MRI revealed a “grapefruit sized” tumor in his right frontal lobe. He had surgery on June 26, 2014 and was diagnosed with Grade 3 Oligoastrocytoma Brain Cancer. They were unable to remove the entire tumor because it was too close to his motor-strip and could cause permanent damage to his left side. He underwent 6 weeks of radiation and then started chemo one week a month, which he will take for 12-18 months. His chemo dr wanted Drew to go to Duke for a second opinion, but because he has no insurance they will not see him. He has not been released to drive or work due to his continued chemo and because he still takes seizure medication three times a day. He is the father of a 5 month old son, Daylin Conner Hill.