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NYNJ Baykeeper

The mission of NY/NJ Baykeeper is to protect, preserve and restore the ecological integrity and productivity of the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary. Founded with the help of Hudson Riverkeeper and the American Littoral Society in 1989, NY/NJ Baykeeper is a wholly independent nonprofit with its own 501c3.

Through our Estuary-wide programs we seek to end pollution, improve public access, conserve and restore public lands, restore aquatic habitats, encourage appropriate and discourage inappropriate development, carry out public education, and work with federal and NY/NJ state regulators and citizen groups as partners in planning for a sustainable future for the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary watershed.

Through land acquisition and stewardship, NY/NJ Baykeeper’s conservation program has helped preserve more than 3,000 thousand acres of open space in the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary.

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