38th Annual Rubin Run for Special Needs

Sun May 12, 2019 Tenafly, NJ US 07670 Directions


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38th Annual Rubin Run for Special Needs

Donation Goal: $120,000

At the JCC no donation is too small, and each and every dollar counts. Your donations help fund social, recreational, cultural and educational experiences for individuals with special needs and can make a significant difference in our community. With every donation, you are helping the JCC to improve the quality of life of this special and deserving group of individuals and their families.

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As a participant of the 38th annual Rubin Run for individuals with special needs, we are asking you to help us fundraise to fuel the mission work of the JCC.  Ask everyone you know including family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, school and religious organizations and more if they will support you in raising funds for the JCC!

Download our Fundraising Toolkit here for tips and tricks that will help your fundraising be successful.


This year we are proud to offer our fundraisers with special fundraising incentives in recognition your tremendous effort. For more information>>

Donations can be made by check
mail to:
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
411 E. Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, NJ 07670
Attention: Development/Rubin Run
of $120,000


Raised By 76 Donors

$3,600from Anonymous
$750from Anonymous
$360on behalf of Arthur Sinensky
$360on behalf of Eldad Blaustein
$360on behalf of Susan Klitzman
$250on behalf of Jonathan Damashek
$250on behalf of Michael Denberg
$200from Anonymous
$180on behalf of Casey Halper
$180on behalf of Dan Oelsner
$180from Anonymous
$180on behalf of Ernest Elias
$180on behalf of Himmelstein, McConnell
$180from Anonymous
$180on behalf of Leonard and Syril Rubin
$180on behalf of Lexi Mogensen #runlexirun
$180on behalf of Michael Greene
$180on behalf of Parnes Family
$180on behalf of Rella Feldman
$180on behalf of SAXON
$180on behalf of The West Coasters
$180on behalf of Yoav Oelsner
$164on behalf of Peyton Rubin
$118on behalf of Jamie Bloomberg
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Canaricks
$100on behalf of Cari Lesser
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of elyse levene
$100on behalf of Jami Finkelman
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Mark Hirschberg
$100on behalf of Michelle Beidner
$100on behalf of Ronni & Mark
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Saxon's mother
$100on behalf of Yonatan Murava
$54on behalf of Alison Kenny
$54from Anonymous
$54on behalf of Rachel Rubin
$54on behalf of Sadie Rubin
$50on behalf of Alyse Koenigsberg
$50on behalf of Cliff Stein
$50on behalf of Deborah Liben
$50on behalf of Julie Rubin
$50on behalf of Keri Friedman
$50on behalf of Kevin Pent, ChSNC®
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Susan Penn
$40on behalf of Zahi Levy
$37on behalf of Glenn Katz
$36on behalf of adam cohen
$36on behalf of Charles Popper
$36on behalf of Jenna Stewart
$36on behalf of jennifer frommer
$36on behalf of Richard Solomon
$35on behalf of Maria Perlas
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Leslie Kania
$20on behalf of Kyung Hae Park
$20from Anonymous
$18from Anonymous
$18on behalf of Daniel Csillag
$18on behalf of Helene Schwartz
$18on behalf of Marlene Ceragno
$18from Anonymous
$18on behalf of Sammy Eisenberg and Carol Schulter
$11on behalf of Katie Kerswell
$10from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Alan Hirsch
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Joanne Hojsak
$5on behalf of Nicholas D'Angelo
$5on behalf of Sydd Gecko
$5from Anonymous
$1from Anonymous

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