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Run 4 Their Lives Buffalo

Sat August 27, 2016
Location: Orchard Park, NY US 14127 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk


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Run 4 Their Lives Buffalo

Donation Goal: $10,000

The members of the Run 4 Their Lives Buffalo Team who is organizing this race is challenging  friends and families to help spread the awareness about human trafficking and to raise funding to put an end to this modern day form of slavery.  The Buffalo team has set a fundraising goal of $10,000 that will go directly toward providing rescue and resoration for victims and survivors of human trafficking.

View the levels below to see real expenses worth raising money for that will go to organizations like Freedom 4/24’s partner in Thailand, Home of New Beginnings. Home of New Beginnings provides women who desire to start new with the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational support they need to break out of sexual slavery. They provide scholarships for high school, bible school, and college. Young women are able to dream again. Now with families, careers, and positions of leadership, these girls have hope for different kinds of futures. Through outreach events, Beginnings had shared the love of Jesus and gift of family with more than 1,000 women trappen in Bangkok's red light districts. Funds raised at Freedom 4/24's event, Run 4 Their Lives - Buffalo, goes to Beginnings and other similar partners.

These numbers, which show the monthly cost for each girl cared for at Beginnings, prove that YOUR simple act of fundraising can make a huge difference in the life of one. Click on the Become a Fundraiser button to set up a personalized fundraising page then go out and ask your friends and family to support your efforts to run for freedom!!! When you raise your first $50, YOU run for free!


Raised By 23 Donors

$1,337on behalf of Anonymous
$1,000on behalf of Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph
$500on behalf of Nolan Ramsland
$500from Anonymous
$500from Anonymous
$250on behalf of Becky Ramsland
$250on behalf of Becky Ramsland
$250on behalf of Becky Ramsland
$250on behalf of Nolan Ramsland
$250on behalf of Susan Kloc
$100on behalf of Jordan & Molly Ramsland
$54from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Rachael Giardina
$30on behalf of Cassie Kestel
$26on behalf of Rachael Giardina
$25on behalf of Alexandria Zaprzal
$25on behalf of Erica Binner
$25on behalf of Joanne Koleda
$25on behalf of Lester Bredeweg
$25on behalf of Patti Lauta
$20on behalf of David Coia
$10on behalf of Brooke Fumerelle
$10on behalf of Mia Schultz

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