Run to the Moon

Sat July 18, 2020 Wapakoneta, OH US 45895 Directions


Run to the Moon

Join us on Saturday, July 18th, 2020, as we celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Apollo 11 and the life and legacy of Corby Hall.  Corby was a participant in the 2019 Run to the Moon.  He ran the race with his family and his daughter by his side.    He collapsed on the course and was rushed to the hospital where he lost his life.  He was doing what he loved as an avid runner, loved theme runs, and as his wife Susie shared, “There was no better way to celebrate Neil Armstrong than for our family to come run this race.”  Corby, his wife Susie, and family are from Hebron, Ohio.  The family is so overwhelmed by the love and outpouring support from the running community, Wapakoneta, and beyond.

To honor Corby’s legacy, with the family’s support, we have set up a fundraising page.  Your kind generosity will help support Corby and Susie’s four children Blaine 20, MaKenzie 18, Brandi 17, and Carson 15 in their educational endeavors.   $1 of every registration fee is donated to the fund.

Learn more about Corby and his wonderful life as his wife Susie shares their story…

Corby and I have known each other most of our lives. As kids, he moved from Newark, Ohio in 1983 to Orlando, Florida where I met him as a neighbor 5 doors down. We rode bikes and built forts together. He once asked me if I wanted to go under my parents pinball machine and kiss him  (I was 10, he was 11). My response was, "No way my dad said I could get pregnant."  My dad didn't raise no dummy. Corby didn't give up that easy, he often called my phone singing Lionel Richie's I just called to say I love you. (I hung up on him several times).

After finally settling just being friends we remained that way till he moved back to Ohio in 1985.......Flash forward to 2009. I’ve now been married 15 years to my first husband and going through a horrible divorce as my mom is dying from esophageal cancer. I pick up the phone to call his family after 27 years to invite them to come see my mother before she passes from this earth. His older brother Eric was my contact to whom I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with.  We were discussing my mother and what was going on in my life. He informed me Corby was recently divorced and I should call him. My response was absolutely not, but if he wants to call me that is fine. Five minutes later my phone rang and I was hearing the voice of my childhood crush after 27 years. We spent the next five months talking on the phone every day from Florida to Ohio. After five long months it was my ex-husband's mother who brought me to Ohio to be with him.  We married shortly after and planned to grow old together.

Corby was very active in his community helping anyone that needed handyman work done. He worked as a maintenance supervisor for the Dietz property group. He enjoyed working on his classic car, attending drag races, working market pigs for the fair and being a social butterfly to the neighborhood. He never met a stranger and was always willing to help anyone out. I often would tell him to take time to rest and his response was “woman you can rest when your dead.”  Little did I know…   Corby was my life and is my life.  Our favorite saying will always be ours, “When I hold you, I hold my everything.”

Susie and the kids.

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