4th Annual Red Run Challenge

Sat December 7, 2019 Coatesville, PA US 19320 Directions


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Gabby Baumler-Girls Cross Country. Help Gabby run all over cancer!

Donation Goal: $200

Gabby is a senior at Coatesville High School and is a member of the Cross Country team.  Below is a bit of history as provided by her Mom, Aime.

Everything started with simple headaches and vomiting this past July.  When nothing showed in her bloodwork and exam her doctor suggested a neurologist.  At that point I called her dad to fill him in.  It was then that he said to let the doctor know of a family history of benign brain tumors.  I called her doctor back with the information and she immediately ordered an MRI.  I seriously thought that MRI would rule out a tumor, however,  they called and confirmed it was a tumor.  So in August, she had surgery at CHOP to remove the tumor.  They were successful in removing all of the tumor but it came back as cancer, Medulloblastoma.   I truly believe without that family history of a completely different kind of brain tumor, we would still be trying to figure out what was wrong with Gabrielle (Gabby).  We are lucky that it had not spread to her spine nor spinal fluid.  We had a complication of a blood clot in her brain that put her back in the hospital but she keeps bouncing back.  She just finished her first of six weeks of radiation.  We will then have a 3 week break before chemotherapy starts.  Chemo will be four months of traditional chemo followed by one year of a clinical trial through St Judes.  We have amazing support and she is without question the strongest person I have ever known.