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Philly Run Fest

Students Run Philly Style is a unique mentorship program that uses a simple approach to fostering resilience in Philadelphia youth: a pair of sneakers and a caring adult. Students are challenged with a seemingly insurmountable goal of running a marathon, and supported with a community of caring adults to share the journey. The result is a young person who knows through experience that anything in life is possible. Each year, Students Run Philly Style serves over 1,200 Philadelphia youth.

Philly Run Fest and Philadelphia Runner have supported Students Run Philly Style for over 10 years simply because the program works. A portion of the profits from Philly Run Fest will be donated to Students Run Philly Style, please consider an additional donation today. Every donations enables a Students Run Philly Style student to go farther!

$10: tech running shirt
$50: new running shoes and tech running shirt
$100: two pairs of new running shoes and SRPS gear
$250: summer programming (transportation, snacks, race fees)
$500: spring training and the Blue Cross Broad Street Run
$1000: Entire program year, culminating in the Philadelphia Marathon

To learn more about Students Run Philly Style and getting involved, please visit


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