One Run

Sat September 15, 2018 Dallas, TX US 75208 Directions


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One Run

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Raised By 102 Donors

$1,000on behalf of Richard R Walker
$500on behalf of Janet Moll
$500on behalf of Ruth Valesano
$300on behalf of Lindy Goldstein
$250on behalf of Elaine Atalis
$250on behalf of For all the members & staff at CSCNT!
$200on behalf of Kim Pinkerton
$100on behalf of Arnie and Barbara
$100on behalf of Barbara Horne
$100on behalf of Barbara Horne
$100on behalf of Brandy Baxter-Thompson
$100on behalf of Candace Wells
$100on behalf of Clayton Northgraves
$100on behalf of Diane Pakes
$100on behalf of Ginny Armstrong
$100on behalf of Glenda F. Nelson
$100on behalf of Kathy Hanson
$100on behalf of Katie Weymer Mo
$100on behalf of Yvette Sakiewicz
$75on behalf of Cary Daniel
$60on behalf of Loretta Turner
$50on behalf of Angela Barraco
$50on behalf of Aunt Sydney & Uncle John
$50on behalf of Carol Wester
$50from Anonymous

Individual Fundraisers

Mirchelle Louis
Jenny Horne
Cyndy Cervantes
Kimberly Kanalas
jeremy michiels
Chrissy Williford
Glenda Nelson
Karen Trost
Cary Daniel
Aredia Taylor
Caroline Snabes
Jackeline Castillo
Janet Dowell
Rogie Barrow

Team Fundraisers

Tarrant Troopers
Straight Outta Chemo
Quad C
Thompson Tribe
Team Lourdes

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