Nicole's Challenge: The Walk to Cure Encephalitis

Sat May 1 - Wed July 28, 2021 Virtual, TX 75075 US

Nicole's Challenge: The Walk to Cure Encephalitis

Donation Goal: $5,000

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those impacted by encephalitis.

– Improve medical provider early education
– Conduct medical research to improve diagnostics and treatment
– Connect survivors/caregivers to qualified resources
– Increase patient and caregiver understanding
– Connect survivors/caregivers to support communities
– Educate insurers toward expanding coverage
– Support treating physicians during the acute diagnostic stage

One of our main goals is to encourage and support funding for prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for better outcomes for this devastating illness.

We aim to encourage and support those impacted throughout their journey, working together with researchers, medical providers, patients, caregivers, and insurers, to get the best possible results.

We aspire to provide resources, information, education, connections, and support to further increase awareness of this “invisible” illness.


Raised of $5,000


Top Donors

$3,035 Raised By 34 Donors

$500 on behalf of Keith Jantz
$250 on behalf of Robert Morris
$200 on behalf of Michael Wilson
$150 on behalf of Kelly Broida
$100 on behalf of Annie Woods
$100 on behalf of ariane soldatos
$100 on behalf of Becky Dennis
$100 on behalf of Becky Dennis
$100 on behalf of Donation on Behalf of Becky Dennis
$100 on behalf of Joshua Painter
$100 on behalf of Kathleen Hagenlocker
$100 on behalf of Nicole Arlook
$100 on behalf of Robyn Albaeck
$100 on behalf of Stacey Zinman
$100 on behalf of Tip Solomon
$100 on behalf of wendy spector-steinmetz
$60 on behalf of Suzanne Spector
$50 on behalf of Carmen Jones
$50 on behalf of Danita Lewis
$50 on behalf of david young
$50 on behalf of Doug & Loretta
$50 on behalf of In honor of Becky Dennis
$50 on behalf of Ingrid Guerci
$50 on behalf of kuldeep singh
$50 on behalf of The Fairbanks- Lincoln, Jenn & Andrew
$50 on behalf of Valerie Weisenfeld
$40 on behalf of Becky Dennis
$40 on behalf of Carrie Zuckerman
$40 on behalf of Jeanette Hirsch
$25 on behalf of Dawn Manirath
$25 on behalf of Emma Noble
$25 on behalf of Hyman family
$20 on behalf of Angela Martin
$10 on behalf of Nicole Seiler

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