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Zion Natl Park Forever Project

Donations & Fundraisers

By registering for this race, you have the opportunity to contribute directly to the promotion and protection of Zion National Park by donating to the Zion National Park Founded in 1948,  the official nonprofit partner of Zion National Park.

We will pay for all the processing fees and administrative costs which means 100% of your donation will benefit Zion National Park!

Note: Donations made through the registration system are not tax deductible. 

Fundraisers - The fundraiser option is a great way to raise more money for Zion National Park, this is optional unless you are purchasing a charity bib.

Donations - If you would like to donate an amount to Zion National Park, please enter it below. Any runners who donate $50 or more will receive a special gift at the race. Please use the donation option at the bottom of the page.


Raised By 3 Donors

$2,000on behalf of Weston's Awesome Giving account
$1,000on behalf of Weston's Awesome Giving Account
$1,000on behalf of Weston's Awesome Giving Account

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