SwimRVA New Year's Challenge 2019!

Mon December 31, 2018 Richmond, VA US 23234 Directions


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SwimRVA New Year's Challenge 2019!

Donation Goal: $3,000

Did you know that 50% of Americans do NOT know how to swim?

Did you know that 78% percent of children from low-income households will not learn how to swim?

Did you know that drowning is the number 2 cause of accidental death for kids 1-14, and number 1 for children with autism??

SwimRVA is a non-profit whose mission is to champion aquatics in the Richmond region.  They work to elevate swimming in the Richmond region making water safety and aquatic fitness more accessible to ALL.   

SwimRVA offers cost free Learn-To-Swim programs in six facilities throughout Richmond.  The Learn-To-Swim program offers a seven lesson SwimRVA Swim School program to second graders throughout the region. SwimRVA provides transportation, lifeguards, swim coaches, swim caps, bathing suits, and Richmond's top aquatic professionals as instructors. This seven station curriculum provides ACCESS for every child to learn the skills to be water safe and the tools to be active, healthy, and fit for the rest of their lives.  

CLICK HERE: watch a short video of the SwimRVA Learn to Swim Program

Since 2012, SwimRVA has taught over 40,000 free swim lessons to children across the Richmond region.  The goal is to reach every child, every year.  Together, SwimRVA and YOU can save lives and provide ACCESS so that every child is safe and has the opportunity to pursue dreams, goals and health through aquatics and multi-sport.

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Raised By 32 Donors

$1,000from Anonymous
$250on behalf of Polar Bears
$210from Anonymous
$140on behalf of Betty Anne Johnson
$100on behalf of Lee Bettis
$70on behalf of Courtney Paulk
$70on behalf of Jeffrey Bush
$70from Anonymous
$60on behalf of Allison Mecadon
$60on behalf of Amy Cook
$60from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Amanda Kennedy
$50on behalf of Laura Walton
$50on behalf of Nancy Placide
$35on behalf of Lenora Mariner
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Denise Letendre
$25on behalf of Susie Leahy
$20on behalf of Angela Catolico
$20on behalf of Audrey Kane
$20from Anonymous
$20on behalf of Roger Hahn
$20from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Angelo Montoya
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Juanita Brown
$10on behalf of Manny Klammer
$10on behalf of Margaret Dessypris Thomas
$5from Anonymous
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$5from Anonymous

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