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The Nooner

Sun May 17 2015
Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL US 32250 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk

Gather your friends, throw on your running shoes, and head out to European Street at Jacksonville Beach for a different take on the classic beer mile race, mid-day Sunday, May 17th.   Sierra Nevada will feature their midday go-to, the Nooner as the beer for the race.    There are four heats open to all runners and walkers of any ability.  The male and female winners of each heat and the next four fastest male and female runners of all the heats will advance to the Nooner Championship.  

What Do You Get

For your registration fee, you will receive entry into the beer mile heat you register for, which includes the one mile run with 40 ounces of beer during the run.   In addition, all participants will be eligible to qualify for the Nooner Championship Heat.

The Heats

The race will be run in four separate heats, limited to 16 participants in each heat.   Once a heat is full, registration will close for that heat.  Participants will register for one of the following four heats:

Heat #1 at 10:40

Heat #2 at 11:00

Heat #3 at 11:20

Heat #4 at 11:40

Participants will run one mile during the heat they registered for.   The mile race will consist of ten laps around the parking lot of European Street in Jacksonville Beach.    

Participants will drink a 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner prior to running a 1/10 of a mile lap during each of the 10 laps of the race.  Once they have finished their 4oz beer they will run their lap then return for their next beer before running the next lap.  Runners may not leave the beer area until their 4oz is fully complete.  Participants will complete ten 4oz beers and ten 1/10 of a mile laps.

At the completion of the race each participant will have completed drinking a total of 40 ounces of Sierra Nevada Nooner and one total mile.   

The race sequence is as follows:

Lap 1 - Start - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (4oz & 1/10 mile completed)
Lap 2 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (8oz & 2/10 mile completed)
Lap 3 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (12oz & 3/10 mile completed)
Lap 4 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (16oz & 4/10 mile completed)
Lap 5 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (20oz & 5/10 mile completed)
Lap 6 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (24oz & 6/10 mile completed)
Lap 7 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (28oz & 7/10 mile completed)
Lap 8 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (32oz & 8/10 mile completed)
Lap 9 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (36oz & 9/10 mile completed)
Lap 10 - 4oz Sierra Nevada Nooner, 1/10 Mile Lap (40oz & 1 mile completed) - Finished

The Nooner Championship

A total of 8 men and 8 women will qualify to run in the Nooner Championship Heat at Noon.  There is no additional cost for participation in the Nooner Championship, however only qualified participants may participate.

The following participants will qualify for the Nooner Championship:

Heat #1 Male and Female Winner
Heat #2 Male and Female Winner
Heat #3 Male and Female Winner
Heat #4 Male and Female Winner

Top 4 Fastest Males of all heats combinetd that did not win a heat listed above 
Top 4 Fastest Females of all heats combined that did not win a heat listed above

The Nooner Championship will follow the same format of the mile heats

Race Registration Fees

The following race registration fees include all online processing fees:

Heat #1 - 10:40am - $19.00

Heat #2 - 11:00am - $17.00

Heat #3 - 11:20am - $15.00

Heat #4 - 11:45am - $13.00

Day of Race Registration will be available if there are any openings left in any of the heats for $25.00, Cash or Check, first come first serve.

Race Awards

Sierra Nevada will provide awards will that will be presented to the top three male and female finishers of the Nooner Championship Heat

In addition, all qualifiers for the Nooner Championship Heat will receive an award as well.

Event Schedule


10:15am to 11:30 am - Bib, & Chip Pickup

10:40am - Heat #1

11:00am - Heat #2

11:20am - Heat #3

11:40am - Heat #4

12:00 noon - Nooner Championship Heat

Packet Pickup


Participants will pickup their race bib and chip at the race during the times listed on the Event Schedule.

Participants may pickup their packets at the race during the times listed on the Event Schedule.

Chip Timing

The race will be chip timed using a shoe chip system.   Chips will be distributed at the packet pickup.   All runners must cross the mat at the finish line with their chip properly attached to their shoe to score in the race.  Chips must be returned at the conclusion of the race at the finish line.   Runners not returning chips will be charged a fee of $30.  

Race Information

Race times and dates are subject to change without notice at any time for any reason. In the event the race time or date is changed or if the race is cancelled, for any reason, there will not be any refunds under any circumstances. In the event of bad weather every effort will be made to conduct the race, however it may be moved to an alernate date, time, or cancelled within hours of the starting time. Please be sure to check the PRS Race Timing website and Facebook page for updates prior to departing to the race for any last minute changes or instructions.

Sierra Nevada's Nooner

The Nooner is Sierra Nevada's take on the classic German-style pilsner—one of the original session beers. Nooner is easy drinking yet packed with the big flavor of spicy and floral whole-cone hops. Its brilliant golden color begs you to take a sip and sink your taste buds into an extremely welcoming beer, full of flavor and balanced by a crisp, dry finish.

European Street

For over thirty years, European Street Cafe has been staple of Jacksonville's tradition. Beginning in Regency Square Mall in 1980, as a German/NY deli style bar with wood stools and tiled tables among imported bottle beers and wine, we've grown in name, size and location. Now with four free-standing buildings in favorite Jacksonville neighborhoods, we are proud to have become the places where locals congregate and invite visitors to meet.


Event Time Price Details
The Nooner - Heat #1 - 10:40am
10:40AM EDT
The Nooner - Heat #2 - 11:00am
11:00AM EDT
The Nooner - Heat #3 - 11:20am
11:20AM EDT
The Nooner - Heat #4 - 11:40am
11:40AM EDT
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992 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville Beach, FL US 32250