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Fast Triathlon VR7

Fri November 20 - Sun November 22 Orlando, FL 32819 US

Race Rules



The current rules are based on the parameters according to the standards set forth by the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.

All rules and conditions are imposed equally upon all participants.

Athletes are responsible for their own medical condition and should be cleared by their own family doctor before competing.

No athlete may use any device, equipment, aid or other support, which provides an unfair advantage or produces an unsafe situation.

The safety of race equipment is the sole responsibility of each and every participant.



At or during the event, or while at the event site, all participants must:

a. Act in compliance with these Rules;

b. Conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive in any way and is considered reasonable and acceptable in the community.



Date & Time

The event will take place from November 20th to November 22nd, 2020.

The Regular Competitions will take place from Friday 00:01 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM EST.


Race Description

The race course will vary depending on the age group described below.

For youth & adult and relays the race will consist on a total of three (3) rounds of either Fast Duathlon, Fast Triathlon.

For Fast Triathlon Experience the race will consist on a totla of (1) round

Types of Races 

There will be fifteen (03) options of race available.

1) Individual for Male and Female Adults (14 to 70+: total of 26 age groups)

Three (3) rounds of: Fast Triathlon and Fast Duathlon. One ( 1) round of Fast Triathlon Experience.

The distances for each round are the following:

Fast Duathlon: 500m of run/ 2.5M:; 4km of bike / 0.6 M;  1km of run (3 rounds)

Fast Triathlon: 200m of swim/ 2.5M; 4km of bike/ 0.6M; 1 km of run (3 rounds)

Fast Triathlon Experience: One round of 200m of swim/ 2.5M; 4km of bike/ 0.6M; 1 km of run


Age groups

Adult & Youth: total of three (3) rounds of swimming, cycling and running, Fast Triathlon Experience total of one (1) round.
















The registration is free, every registrant is required to electronically sign a waiver in accordance with the terms set by USAT.


For events that require water: 

      Availability of at least 16 meters/17.5 yards swimming pool.

For all events :

      A multisport wearable device/ sport watch.  

For  bike events: 

      You will need a Smart Trainer and a wearable device. You will sync both with a bicycle app.


Measurement & Places Options:

Swimming, regarding Pools: domestic pools or condo pools would be a good option, however make sure it's permitted in your area. If the pool is in yards 218 yards and this distance is in the middle of your pool, you must go to the next pool edge to wrap up your swimming portion. If you have an Open Water available option it's feasible as well. 

Biking & Running Portions:  your smart trainer and your treadmill are an option, however if in your city is permitted ride a bike and run outside this is an option.  

Sport  Watches: if your competition, for example, is a Fast Triathlon you will need a multisport mode at your sport watch, them click start, them click lap for the end of each sport + transitions + period of rest, click STOP when you wrap up the whole event. 

Smart Trainers: make sure everything is correctly connected before



How to Submit your Results: 

After you have completed your race, you will need to email us by sharing the link available on your wearable device after you are finished   

Remember... Depending on the wearable device you are using, you will have to send your results (1 to 3 links) in order for us to upload.

All times will then be posted on the Leaderboard the first Wednesday after the submissions have closed.  

All the results are participatory in nature, and not competitive. No results will be collected or ranked by USAT.



Every competition will confer to the registered athlete a virtual Bib number and a Fast Triathlon Virtual Race Backdrop to include the athlete’s personal photo. A Participation Certificate will be emailed as soon as the results are approved.

The winner will be the one who performs the shortest time in total, after the three (3) rounds.



The athletes  may to get a competition swag including one (1) t-shirt, one (1) mask and one (1) medal.

The Optional Bundle shall be ordered by email to  at the special price of $39.99 (thirty-nine dollars ninety-nine cents).



Donations are encouraged and optional. The athletes who opt to make any donations shall do it at registration.



Where applicable and not otherwise modified by more stringent event standards, the Competitive Rules adopted by USAT and Guide to Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods of Doping adopted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, are hereby incorporated by reference and govern the event.



Any participant not adhering to the rules and regulations and guidelines of the event are subject to disqualification. In any case, no disqualified athlete will receive any “Finisher” or “Participant” Award.



The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 



Safety is the primary consideration for all participants, and following the guidelines and regulations are required throughout the event. This event is strenuous and requires individual endurance and stamina. The risk of accident, injury, and sickness may be present throughout all three stages. Proper training, well maintained and appropriate equipment, good judgment, respect, common sense and courtesy will be crucial in making this a safe and successful event. If an emergency situation necessitates or causes a rule infraction, event organizers may make allowances in the interest of promoting safety. By registering to this event each registrant acknowledges his/her responsibility for his/her own safety and the safety of others.



The event name and logos are registered trademarks, are protected by federal trademark law, and may not be used or reproduced in any manner without prior written consent from the Event Organizers. This includes, among other things, shirts or other garments, banners and signs. Any person using the logo without authorization will be prosecuted in accordance with the U.S. copyright laws.



This event will be officiated with USAT rules. For a full list of rules, please visit: and




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