First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Fall: 8/31/22 - 11/16/22 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
1st Class Info


First Night Important Information


First Strides NMB is for females aged 12 to 112! The program was started in North Myrtle Beach in Fall 2019 by Jane Serues. Jane started and produced a successful First Strides® program up north in 1997 – still active today!  Since then we’ve welcomed new and repeat striders of all age groups and abilities.

COVID CONSIDERATIONS:  Exercise is good for your immunity!  Please take precautions to protect others:

§  Don’t come if you feel sick or exposed 

§  Practice social distancing

§  Masking is now your choice

§  Use the hand sanitizer (provided on Amphitheater stage) 

§  Bring your own water bottle


§  Structure:  12-week, proven workout schedule with 2 additional homework assignments each week

§  Mentors: your mentors will teach, lead and encourage you during your weekly Wednesday workouts

§  Participants: attendance at the weekly workouts combined with 2 additional weekly workouts (homework) will lead to success (refer to the Training Schedule & use a Timing Device)

§  Training Principle: Stress + Rest = Improvement

§  The “stress” mildly tears your muscles down. A stress is any of the following:  going faster, farther or more frequently than before.  Other stresses are heat, hills and surfaces (soft - beaches or thick grass); (hard – concrete vs asphalt)

§  The “rest” gives your body a day to recover or heal; you will heal stronger, better and improved. A rest is any of the following: cross-training (different activities – yoga, cycling, swimming, strength training), going slower and/or shorter; or a complete day off from walking or running

§  Alternate days of stress (homework) with rest. Homework every other day! 

§  Important:  The biggest mistake made by beginners is going too far, too fast, too soon and/or too frequently.   Increase only one of the above stresses per week at the most

§  Goal:   First Strides NMB 5K Stride – 3.1 mile walk/run event during our last workshop (Week 12).  It is a mock race event with bib numbers, mile markers, official finish time and medals but no awards.  


§  Check in each week.  You must attend 8 of the 12 workshops to “earn” your graduation shirt!

§  Speaker/Topic

§  Mentor Introductions

§  Initial Announcements

§  Group Stretch

§  Workout (warm-up + easy/pickup intervals + cool-down)

§  Group Stretch

§  Final Announcements

NAME TAG – Keep your name tag in your car!  Bring it with you and wear it every week. 

·       Attendance - Your name tag includes (2) Attendance Tickets with your name on them.  They will be dropped in a basket after the workout Week 2 & Week 3 to record your attendance.

·       Coupon - Your name tag also has a 10% coupon and business card from Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach (Supporting Sponsor).  Get a 10% discount on shoes, apparel or accessories.  Great resource!!!

·       Helpful – Your mentors have requested you wear your name tag to help them get to know you and it adds to the social interaction of all.  We appreciate your help.  

TIMING DEVICE – You will need a timing device that keeps track of your workout intervals minutes (not speed or distance).  Some Mentors can teach you how to set these up.  Think about these options:

§  Phone Apps – FREE apps.  Go to your App store and “Interval Timer” on smart phone (see bottom) 

§  Sport watches with Chrono/stopwatch function.  

§  Others – we’ll share other suggestions with you


§  Do your homework!  (Consistency)  See Training Schedule handout on

§  We meet Rain or Shine (and heat!)  (Large Pavilion available to accommodate weather conditions)

§  Be on time (arrive 10-15 minutes early to park, use restroom, hydrate/fill water bottle, check-in).

§  Wear quality shoes that “fit” to your foot!  See Shoe Selection handout on

§  Safety – See Safety handout on

§  When walking/running on a sidewalk or trail, stay to your right like a car

§  When walking/running on a residential road, stay to your left (going toward traffic)

§  Trail/Road Courtesy – be considerate of other people, cyclists, cars, etc.  Call out: “Biker back!” or “Car up”, etc. in groups

§  Hydrate before, after and as needed during (if exercising more than ½ hour – especially in summer)

§  Listen to your body! If you get sore, figure out why and do something!  (Rest, ice, anti-inflammatory, new shoes, massage, physical therapy).  Let pain be your guide to backing off your schedule!

§  Fanny pack or small bag with essentials (e.g., car key, timer, etc.) to carry or leave on amphitheater stage during your workout

§  Remember your mask, name tag, timing device/cell phone and water bottle

§  Suggestion Box (on stage) – constructive comments very welcomed

§  Homework - Figure out what works for you (time of day, convenient location, pleasure, motivations and companions)

§  Your First Strides NMB registration fee provides a free, 1-year membership to Grand Strand Running Club,

§  Website:  Find Weekly Emails & Topics tab on left to read and/or print

§  Facebook pages:  First Strides NMB (public) or First Strides - North Myrtle Beach (private group for participants & mentors). You are all invited to join … post questions, photos, good routes, achievements.  

§  Questions:  Email:

Attending this class is not a “selfish” act:

·     Good for your kids, your partner and your boss – your mood, your health … ask for their support.  

·     Good for your overall health, immunity, stress level, mood, health, self-esteem, social connection, and much more!

·     You are a role model!!!  It might be something you can share with partner or kids in the future.

Do NOT go too far, too fast, too soon, too frequently!

   Free smart phone app for scheduled workouts.

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