Priceless 5k

Sat April 27, 2019 Directions

Priceless 5k 2019

11:00AM EDT - 12:00PM EDT
6603 Spout Springs Rd. Flowery Branch 30542

What is the Priceless 5k?

The Priceless 5k is an event with the aim to fight against and raise money to combat human trafficking. This issue seems to go widely unnoticed, yet it is so prominent locally and in the city of Atlanta. Often times the trouble in the fight against human trafficking is ignorance--people are simply unaware. With this race, the Hall County Peer Leadership programs are uniting to fight against this issue in our area. All donations and proceeds will go to help prevent trafficking through our partners: Street Grace and The Atlanta Dream Center.

What is Human Trafficking?

There is still slavery in this world. There is slavery in your back yard, and you would never know it. Every day there is a black market that operates under the noses of law enforcement and the general public, but its time to shine light on this. Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor of sexual exploitation. Help us fight this battle.

Who is Street Grace and the Atlanta Dream Center?

For the past ten years, we have partnered with Street Grace of the Priceless 5k. Street Grace works on the legislative side of trafficking. They work toward changing the laws regarding trafficking to be more in favor of the victims. This is because before, law enforcement would catch and see girls 'prostituting' themselves, when really they were being trafficked, and so this is where Street Grace comes in. Recently the laws in the state of Georgia have been changed to be more harsh on the pimps (the 'dealers' of the girls) and the johns (the people purchasing the girls) and less harsh on the girls themselves. This can be credited mostly toward Street Grace's work. 

Three years ago, we began our partnership with the Atlanta Dream Center. They work on the rescue and rehabilitation side of trafficking, so they have many outreach programs and are faith based out of the streets of Atlanta. They work mostly to rescue the girls, but also the pimps and the children that are growing up in the life. 

If you'd like to find out more about these these organizations, their websites will be linked below.

Race Bag:

In your Priceless 5k race bag you can expect to see the following:

A Priceless 5k commemorative T-Shirt, coupons, and various other items donated by our sponsors!

Race Course: 

Run through and see the sites of America on this years race course! Pass through your favorite cities and learn about trafficking as you run. 


We hope you help us fight this battle and to see you on Saturday, April 27th!

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6603 Spout Springs Rd. Flowery Branch 30542