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Location: Hightstown, NJ US 08520 Directions
Type: Triathlon, Other, Duathlon

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I sign up for the event on race day?
Yes. If you are signing up on race day, arrive early so you can complete your entry form and waiver. Cost for race day entry is $10 above the last available online registration price for each even (tri, du, aquabike, relay) but there is no online processing fee. Payment can be made by check or in cash.

Can I pick up my packet the morning of the event?
There is limited packet pick up the morning of the event, from 5:30AM to 6:30AM. We recommend you pick up the day before if at all possible. Packet pickup will be available Saturday September 12th from 2:00pm - 6pm at the Hightstown Firehouse directly across the memorial park (Peddie Lake)

Can I pick up a friend’s packet?
To maintain full compliance with USAT race regulations, each person must show ID to pick up his or her own packet, including all members of a relay team. However you may bring your friend's ID and USAT membership card to pick up their packet.

Can I transfer or sell my bib to someone else?
Absolutely not. Using another person's identity creates an unnecessary liability to our race directors. 


I’m new to this; how do I get set up?
When you arrive you will either have your packet or pick it up. Apply your bib number to your run shirt. Go to the transition area with your bike and bag of supplies. As you enter transition there will be volunteers checking that you have your race bracelet (family members and friends who are not racing cannot come into transition with you). The volunteers will also check your race number and write it on your upper arms in black marker. They will also write your age on the back of your right calf. The marker will wash off easily with soap and a little scrubbing after the race.

Where do I park my car?
We will have parking information up on our website. There will be ample parking within a few hundred meters of the transition area. Volunteers will help direct parking the morning of the race.

Is this a USAT sanctioned event?
Yes. This is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. Two of our race directors are USAT certified race directors. We must adhere to all of the race standards/rules/protocols set forth by USAT.


Is the water clean enough to swim in?
The water at Peddie Lake is tested weekly to ensure it is in full compliance with NJ DEP standards for public swimming in a freshwater lake or river. The lake is continuously monitored by the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association.

Can I practice swimming the course?
Yes. Prior to the triathlon there are weekly open swims on Peddie Lake on Friday nights, sometimes postponed to Saturday mornings if there is inclement weather. Check out our facebook page for open water swim practice details.
There will also be time to get in the water just before the race start on the morning of the event.

Can I wear my wetsuit?
Yes. You may wear a wetsuit. Water temperature at this time of year is somewhere around 72-74 degrees and is usually warm enough to swim in without a wetsuit. If the water temperature exceeds 78 degrees (but is less than 84), you may wear a suit but you will not be eligible for awards, based on USAT guidelines. No one will be permitted to wear a wetsuit in the very unlikely event that the water temperature rises above 84 degrees.

How deep is the water?
The water is shallow at the entry and exit points of the course, and is between 8 and 14 feet deep throughout the rest of the course. You will not be able to touch bottom throughout the swim course however, you may hang onto a buoy or rescue kayak as long as you do not get assistance with forward movement.

Should I worry about aquatic animals?
No. The fish and turtles etc. in Peddie Lake will dive for cover when they see so many people in the water. We have never had any issues with aquatic animals bothering people in the water.

Does the swim portion begin with groups (wave start) all going together, or do we go one at a time (time trial start)?
The Hightstown Triathlon uses a wave start with age groups leaving at specific intervals. There is also a new buddy wave for people who would like to swim with friends or relatives. This special group will be in the last wave and those who select this option at registration are not eligible for age group awards. Anyone can enter the buddy wave, regardless of their age group.


Do I need a fancy triathlon or road bike?
Not at all. Many people new to this sport use a mountain bike or some old touring bike. We are mostly concerned about safety, so the equipment needs to be in good working order and bar ends plugged and taped. We will have a bike tech on site to offer free help with last minute adjustments and repairs.

What happens if I get a flat tire on the bike course?
A safe cyclist always carries a small pack with the essentials in case of a flat: a spare tire tube of the correct size (check these before a race to ensure your spare is still in good shape), a couple of tire levers, a mini air pump or C02 cartridge, and a small bike multi-tool. If you don’t carry these items, go to your local bike shop (LBS) and pick them up so you will always have what you need in case of a flat! Most LBSs also give frequent lessons in how to change a flat, but if you don’t have time for that, YouTube is your friend. Practice at least once before you ever flat while in a race or on a training ride. If you cannot change your own tire, you will need to walk your bike to the nearest volunteer and ask them to help you get picked up from the course (at which point you will be disqualified).
Alternatively you could walk the bike all the way back to transition, in which case you would not be disqualified.


What should I do if I get injured on the course?
Look for the nearest race volunteer and ask them to communicate your issue to our medical support staff who will respond immediately. Give your name, race number and specifics. If you are too injured to get help for yourself, we will still locate you quickly as other participants will immediately know to alert volunteers. Our medical staff is always nearby, but be assured, triathlon is a supportive athletic community and your fellow participants will offer help until professional care can get to you.

If I have to drop out of the race, how do I get back to the transition area and do I need to notify anyone?
If something is wrong and you know you need to stop racing, find your nearest volunteer and they will help you find transport back to transition. Notify race directors if you are dropping out and fill out an injury report if needed. It is critical that your timing chip is turned in to us if you do not complete the race. For safety, we must keep a strict headcount of each person who has started the race.


Will there be food after the event for athletes and volunteers?

If I want to volunteer to help, how do I do that?
Volunteers are an essential component of a successful event and we can always use more help. Contact our race directors to sign up to be a volunteer.

Is this considered a "fast" course?
Yes. The bike course is considered "fast" because it is relatively flat with not too many turns.

When will awards be announced?
Awards will be announced at around 9:20AM or after the last person finishes. There will be a raffle drawing with many great prizes immediately after the awards ceremony. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us.