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Mon September 26 - Mon October 31 Lakeland, FL 33801 US
Sign up today and join us for the Red Ribbon Kids and Family Challenge!!



121 S. Lake Ave.
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Register today for the 2022 Red Ribbon Challenge, this year which offers a series of activities to be completed online over a 4-week period. Weekly challenges are based on elements of healthy living and ways to live your best life. Complete the challenges and post them on the Red Ribbon Run Facebook page to earn extra points and prizes.

The Challenges kick off on September 26 with Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with your Family and ends on October 22. In addition, students can earn bonus points if they continue to participate during the National Red Ribbon Week – October 23-October 31.

A different health-oriented challenge will be featured each week with themes of Nutrition, Kindness and Tolerance, Healthy Mind/Healthy Body and Healthy Lifestyle. Participants will be eligible to earn a prize if they complete at least 10 challenges. Prize(s) will be distributed after Winter Break to those who completed 10 or more challenges.


Interested in Participating in the RED RIBBON RUN on October 29, 2022?

After you register for the Red Ribbon Challenge... CLICK HERE to register for the RED RIBBON RUN held October 29, 2022. (Please note: registering for the Challenge does not automatically register you for the Red Ribbon Run.)


For Additional Information, please check out

INNERACT ALLIANCE RED RIBBON MISSION: To reduce the abuse and underage use of harmful substances along with involvement in other risky behaviors through: Community Awareness and Involvement; Prevention Education; Economic Support; and Leadership Development

InnerAct Alliance Red Ribbon Challenge Events

Week 1: September 26 - October 1
utrition & Family Dinner (4 Challenges)

Eat Together and Win! Studies* show that families who eat dinner together benefit in a variety of ways. Eating together helps families build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. Children tend to be better students and become more well-adjusted teens so they may be less likely to abuse drugs. *(Source: The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University)

1. Eat Together 4 times/week and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

2. Post answer to Facebook question, “How many servings of fruits/ veggies should you eat each day?” on Facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge)

3. Take a walk with your family or friends (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

4. Eat Breakfast every morning, include 3 of 5 food groups – Make & eat this meal as a family: (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)
GreenWise Fruit and Granola Smoothie Bowl
Active Time: 10 minutes • Total Time: 40 minutes • Servings: 1
1/2 cup frozen whole mixed berries, thawed
3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 1/2 teaspoons chia seeds
1/4 cup berry crunch granola bark
2 tablespoons unfiltered honey
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
1. Thaw fruit following package instructions; dice fruit into bite-size pieces (if desired).
2. Combine yogurt and chia seeds in serving bowl until blended; top with fruit and granola.
3. Combine honey and turmeric until blended; drizzle over yogurt bowl. Serve.

WEEK 2: October 2 - 8
Kindness & Tolerance (5 Challenges)

Ways to promote Anti-Bullying.  Bullying is a form of physical or verbal aggression in which someone intentionally mistreats another person and continues to do it over and over. This can cause physical harm that hurts your body or emotional harm that makes you feel sad, weak, or uncomfortable. Bullying can cause a person to feel depressed or very lonely. It can even make you sick. What can you do to discourage bullying? Be sure YOU are kind and tolerant of everyone you meet. You don’t have to be best friends – just be nice. If you see someone being bullied, speak up and tell a trusted adult. When you are kind, it releases feel-good endorphins that make you happy too.

1. Find simple ways to show kindness to someone you care about and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

2. Ask someone to share something about their life with you – it may help you understand them better and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

3. Pay it forward! Surprise someone with a small gift or offer to do a task for them for FREE and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

4. Share your gratitude! Form a circle and tell the person to your right something you like about him or her. And post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

WEEK 3: October 9 - 15
ealthy Mind, Healthy Body (3 Challenges)

How do you De-Stress? Healthy communities mean more opportunities for everyone! Nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness – all are part of living well. The ultimate goal is to help you make sustainable and effective changes in your schools and in your lives. It is important to not only fuel the body but also fuel the mind – a perfect balance.

1. Enjoy Nutrient-Rich Snacks. Replenish your body with snacks that include 2 or more food groups, and remember, the foods you choose and how much you eat matters and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

2. Jump it UP! How many Jumping Jacks can you do in 10 minutes listening to favorite tunes? And post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

3. Positive Self Care! Take 10 minutes a day to think and write down 3 great things about you. List 1 change you’d like to make to better yourself. (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

WEEK 4: October 16 - 22
ealthy Lifestyle = Happy Life (4 Challenges)

Good Habits for Fitness & Financial Success. It pays to embrace good habits that can lead to fitness and financial success! Research shows that when you eat right, sleep right and exercise, your mind and body are more likely to function at their best. You can be whatever you want to be – scientist, artist, or athlete - anything is possible! Did you know that statistics show if you saved just a dollar a day since the day you were born, you could be a millionaire by your 64th birthday? Good news is you’re still young so it’s not too late to begin investing for your future!

1. Save as much money as you can each week – even extra change adds up! – even extra change adds up! And post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

2. Do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups or challenge someone to a push-up/sit-up contest and post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

3. Celebrate your success! Make a yummy double dairy delight milkshake to reward yourself for successfully completing the Red Ribbon Challenge! And post to facebook (Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)

4. Run in The Red Ribbon Run on October 29! Click Here to Register! (Please note that Registering for the Challenge DOES NOT automatically enter you in The Red Ribbon Run. You must register separate)(Tally "1" for Challenge /Tally "2" for Challenge and Post)


Once you register for the Red Ribbon Challenge, be sure to complete as many challenges as you can each week.

Post completed challenges on our Red Ribbon Run Facebook page to earn extra points. 

There are 15 possible challenges and 14 possible extra points. Participants who earn 15 or more points receive a cool medal that may be picked up on dates/locations listed above.

LOG YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! As you complete each challenge, log back into your RunSignUp Profile, Click on the InnerActAlliance Red Ribbon Challenge Event, Click on Results, Search for your name & Submit your results for each Challenge. You can also ad photos, and special notes for each challenge you complete.

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