Wed July 15 - Wed September 30

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Join us starting July 15th and ending on September 6th for our VIRTUAL Brookfield Zoo Run. While you might not be running past rhinos, zebras or big cats this year, you can still help support the Chicago Zoological Society Animal Care and Conservation Fund at home while you run past the squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

The Chicago Zoological Society Animal Care and Conservation Fund is dedicated to making a difference for these species across the globe and with each race entry, we will raise both awareness and funds for this great cause.


How a virtual run works:

- Registration will open July 15th.

- Once your registration is complete, your running packet will be mailed to you.

- When you get your packet, put on your bib on and go out for a run or walk.

- After your run or walk, go back online to our website and submit your time.


All 5k registrations will include a numbered bib and a Next Level moisture wicking t-shirt

All 1 mile registrations (kids only) will include a numbered bib and a cotton t-shirt 



If you have any questions about this VIRTUAL RACE, click the button below.

Stretching Tips courtesy of DuPage Medical Group

Whether this is your first 5k, or your fiftieth, following these simple pre- and post-race stretches from DuPage Medical Group’s physical therapists will get you moving and help reduce the risk of injury and pain.


Try incorporating each of these moves a total of 10 times into your warm-up routine to prevent muscle strain and injury.

Raise your knee up like you are marching to lightly grab the knee. Lower and repeat on the other side. Keep the back straight.

Raise a straight leg up in front of you, going no higher than parallel to the ground if able. Lower and repeat on the other side. Keep the back straight.

Place one leg behind you with the foot flat. Gently twist side to side. Repeat on the other side.

Step to the side into a small lateral lunge keeping the opposite knee straight. Step back to the middle and repeat on the other side.

Walk bending the knee to bring your foot toward your bottom.  If able tap the ankle/foot with your same side hand.  

With one leg crossed in front of the other, bring your arms overhead.  Gently rock your arms side to side.  Repeat with the other leg crossed in front.


After a Run, you may be feeling a little sore. The good news is that race-induced muscle fatigue typically resolves itself within 2-3 days. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to alleviate symptoms.

Focus on stretching your gluteal, hamstring, quadriceps, groin and calf muscles in three sets of 30-60 seconds each.

Icing can reduce inflammation and soreness. Apply for 15-minute intervals for the first 48 hours after a run. Wait at least one hour between treatments.

Rehydrate with milk, protein shakes or sports drinks. Refuel with foods like nutrition bars, bananas, fruit or yogurt, ideally within 30 minutes of a run, to reduce muscle soreness.

Massage your muscles to help break up knots and reduce soreness up to 48 hours after a race or run. Foam rollers or tennis balls work great!


If you have a pain that won’t go away or a question about the right running form, the physical therapists at DuPage Medical Group can help.  Find out more by calling 630-967-2000 or visit them online.

For a complete lists of services offered at DuPage Medical Group, visit


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