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✶✶ 2024 WINTER SERIES ✶✶

RACE #1: SATURDAY 1/27/24 @ Edgewater Athletic Club (Afternoon 3-5pm!) 
RACE #2: SATURDAY 2/10/24 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center
RACE #3: SATURDAY 3/16/24 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center
RACE #4: SUNDAY 4/21/24 
@ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center
RACE #5: SATURDAY 4/27/24 
@ Edgewater Athletic Club (Afternoon 3-5pm!) 

✶✶ 2024 SUMMER SERIES ✶✶

RACE #6: SATURDAY 6/29/24 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center (Afternoon 1:30-3:30pm!) 
RACE #7: SATURDAY 7/27/24 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center (Afternoon 1:30-3:30pm!) 

✶✶ 2024 FALL SERIES ✶✶

RACE #8: More event dates coming soon!
RACE #9: More event dates coming soon!

Want to bring the TRI312 series to your health club or school?   Contact us!

LOCATIONS... more coming soon?


It's #TimeToTri #Tri312! 

10min SWIM + 20min BIKE + 15min RUN
20min BIKE + 15min RUN

Join us in Chicago for the 2024 season of the exciting new Tri312 indoor triathlon & duathlon series! 
The Tri312 format features weighted scoring of your swim (x3), bike (x1), and run (x2) distances to equalize results across all three sports... to determine who is the most well-rounded triathlete!
These events are fun for ALL AGES AND ABILITY LEVELS from beginners to iron-distance and even elite triathletes competing for bragging rights, age group awards, and prizes!
Experience the best 1-hour workout you can do by swimming, cycling, and running your way into benchmarking your fitness and becoming a triathlete!   


✶ Early registration discount!  Register at least 2 weeks before each event to save!
✶ Multi-race discounts!  Save $5-$20 off each additional event when you sign up for multiple events in one transaction! (e.g. $5 off 2nd race, $10 off 3rd race, $15 off 4th race, $20 off 5th race, etc.)
✶ Duathlon option!  Have a friend who is not a swimmer?  Invite them to complete a BIKE+RUN duathlon!
✶ Relay option!  Complete 1 triathlon with 2 or 3 friends splitting up the swim, bike, and run!
✶ Highschool and Collegiate Divisions!  Discounted registration and separate results for Highschool and Collegiate Students!
✶ Do the Double Discount!  Race two events back to back in one day for a reduced rate!  Use code "double" to save on two triathlons or a triathlon + duathlon "double"
✶ Iron Division!  Compete against fellow iron-distance triathletes for top bragging rights as Chicago's top Iron-Monster!
✶ Triathlon Forecaster & VO2 Max Estimator!  Results will include your predicted finish times for outdoor triathlons up to half iron distance and your estimated VO2 Max score as an estimate of your overall fitness!
✶ Club and Volunteer discounts!  Register to volunteer before or after you race on the same day to receive a discount - or contact us to receive a group "club" discount for your friends, family, coworkers, and teammates to share!
✶ Series Awards!  Complete at least 4 races in a calendar year (including the WINTER and SUMMER/FALL seasons, coming soon!) and you'll be eligible for additional awards including the SERIES CHAMPION, a DOUBLE DIVISION, a CLUB CHAMPION, and separate awards divisions for FIRST TIMER CHAMPION, IRON-MONSTER, and TRI CLUB CHAMPIONS!



An "indoor tri" is the perfect way to "get your feet wet" whether you are a first timer, or a veteran looking for a motivating challenge to test and benchmark your fitness as you prepare for your next racing season!   You can participate side by side with friends and family, co-workers, or individually alongside fellow triathletes.  Unlike traditional triathlon, this event is based on time rather than distance. The further you go during a specific portion, the more points you earn toward a final score.

The 60-minute event consists of 45 minutes of exercise + 15 minutes of transition time as follows:

  • Swim: 10 minutes (in the pool)
    • + Transition #1 = 10-minutes
  • Bike: 20 minutes (on an indoor bike)
    • + Transition #2 = 5-minutes
  • Run: 15 minutes (on a treadmill or indoor track)



Indoor triathlons are fun, beginner-friendly events for all ability levels!   Some of our indoor triathlons are even in relatively shallow depth pools (e.g. Lakeshore Sport & Fitness) where you can "aqua-jog" the swim if you aren't comfortable swimming (NOTE: Edgewater location events feature a pool with a "deep end" on one end of the pool).  Any swim stroke is welcome, and since the events are time-based (not distance based), you can take breaks as needed anytime - swim 25 yards then take a breather if you need to!   The clock will keep running and you may not "score" as high in total distance, but these events are all about participation - so they are great fun no matter how fast or "social" you take it because everyone starts and finishes together regardless of fitness level!   So invite your friends, family, and anyone looking for a great 1-hour fitness challenge!



Based on the “312” Chicago area code, we leverage a unique “312 multiplier” scoring system with a 3x SWIM + 1x BIKE + 2x RUN = TOTAL SCORE formula.  With a set-time for each event, the results become distance-based using a weighted scoring formula that better replicates real-world outdoor triathlon results.  This creates a beginner-friendly and fun atmosphere where everyone starts and finishes together!  Ultimately, this also allows swimmers, cyclists, and runners to better complete on a level playing field and determine who is the best all around triathlete!

3x Swim Distance (miles) + 
1x Bike Distance (miles) + 
2x Run Distance (miles)

✶✶✶✶ BRING TRI312 TO YOU! ✶✶✶✶

Want to bring Tri312 to your club or facility? Contact us at as we're always adding more event locations and partners! 

#TimeToTri   #Tri312  #Triathlon  #SwimBikeRun 


✶✶✶✶ 2023 WINTER SERIES ✶✶✶✶
SUNDAY 3/12/23 @ Edgewater Athletic Club
SUNDAY 4/2/23 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center
SUNDAY 5/7/23 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center

✶✶✶✶ 2023 FALL SERIES ✶✶✶✶
SUNDAY 10/15/23 @ Edgewater Athletic Club
SUNDAY 10/29/23 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center
SUNDAY 12/17/23 @ Lakeshore Sport & Fitness - Illinois Center

✶✶✶✶ 2022 SERIES ✶✶✶✶
February 2022:


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Register for the Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon

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