Epic Overstock

Store: Epic Overstock
Race Date: TBD Ann Arbor, MI US 48103

This is a place where you can find that shirt that you wish you had purchased race day, but didn't, that jacket that you hid behind the bush when you got too hot during your run, and went back to find somebody else was cold, or that hat that blew off your head during your sprint workout.

Click "Store" to unlock Epic Steals and Deals. Don't worry...Clicking "Sign Up" will not register you for a race, it will also get you to the store if you aren't already signed in. It's just the only way we know how to do things!

Looking for Epic Swag from this year? Check out our individual race stores where you will find special order items as well as some in-stock merchandise. You can get to individual race stores by visiting epicraces.com.

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