Katy 10 Miler

Sun April 11, 2021 Directions


Q: Can I run with a baby jogger, skateboard, bike or dog?
A: Yes, in consideration for the safety of all participants, runner with baby joggers are requested to be mindful on the 5K, 5-mile, and 10-mile courses. 

Q: Can I run with headphones?
A: Headphones are not prohibited but are strongly discouraged. Participants who wear headphones must remain aware of safety vehicles, race officials, traffic and other runners. Any participant who fails to follow directions from race officials is subject to being removed from the racecourse, for their own safety and the safety of other participants. All RUNNERS are responsible for knowing the course.

Q: What is the time limit for Texas10 Katy?
A: All streets must be reopened to traffic by 10:00 AM, and all participants must be able to cross the Finish Line by 9:45 AM to be recorded as an official finisher. No refunds will be given for registered participants who are directed off the course due to pace. No exceptions. Support and Gear (SAG) Wagons and equipment trucks will follow the the last participant to move slower runners to the side of road, and reopen the streets. These participants will not be able to finish the race or receive their medal.

Q: Do I need a qualifying time to participate?
A: No, there is no qualifying time to participate in Texas 10 Series events.

Q: Can I walk?
A: Yes, if you are able to finish by 9:45 AM.

Q: How many water stations will you have?
A: There will be three (3) hydration/water stations along the course and one (1) at the Finish Line.

Q: When will Armadillo and Ten Gallon Cup receive their cash award payments?
A: Texas 10 Race Management will issue award checks at the Cup Championship Party in April.

Q: What do I do if I am injured on course?
A: There will be ambulance and EMS teams providing medical support along the course to attend to injuries. Runners will have access to medical support at each hydration or water station. 

Q: Will there be food at the finish line?
A: Yes, there will be food at the finish line provided by the event producer.

Q: Is the course closed to traffic?
A: Yes, one lane will be closed for runners. Lanes will be coned off throughout the race for runners' safety.

Q: Is the course USA Track and Field Certified?
A: Yes

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