IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to predicted inclement weather for early Saturday, the race start has been moved back two hours... to 8:30 am.

This change will give those driving in Saturday morning extra time to be cautious, and it will make a tremendous difference for our volunteers to not have to prepare and stand in the frigid dark. This change will help insure we have plenty of support for you on the course.

Race day packet pick up will begin at 7am. The Community Center will be nice and warm, so we are not going to have you go down to the traditional start by Kentucky Lake and stand in wind chills predicted to be near zero.  The start line will be outside of the Community Center on Commerce Drive. The race distances will remain the same. Final race instructions will be made inside the Community Center, and the race will start at 8:30.

The race will end at the normal time of 6:30pm. We cannot extend the time by two hours, as this would put runners on the trail in the dark, which is not allowed on our permit. 

If you need to drop down a distance due to losing the two hours, you'll still receive an official time, and award for the distance you complete.

Thank you so much for your understanding.


Saturday March 12, 2022

Grand Rivers, KY

Race Directors:  Steve Durbin, John Durbin

Emergency contact number:  Steve 270-556-1679



A couple of changes/reinforcements: 


LBL Trail runs is a USATF Sanctioned event. The USATF does not allow dogs to run with runner/walkers. Last year was the first year that anyone brought their dog. PLEASE don't make us pull you before the race starts. We love dogs, too. It's just not fair for any of the runners. We encourage you to stay an extra day, or come a day early and run the trail with your dog.

We are trying to reduce the number of cups used. Please bring a bottle(s) to use to fill your fluids from the aid stations. There will be a limited number of cups. 

Energy gels must be consumed at an aid station, and packets placed in the trash containers. NO LITTERING, PLEASE! If anyone reports you as dropping trash, or littering on the course, you face possible disqualification. 

Late Registration: You can still register at packet pick up. There will be a $15 late fee. This late fee will be donated to Friends of LBL. 

Packet Pickup:
Friday, March 11, 2022   3:00 p.m. - 7:30 pm central time
Grand Rivers Community Center located at 155 W. Cumberland St, Grand Rivers, KY 42045; behind 1st Kentucky Bank, across the street from Badgett Playhouse - turn east off of Hwy 453 onto Commerce St (across from Lighthouse Landing).  GRCC is a half block on the right.

At packet pick up you will receive your bib, safety pins, a drawstring bag, choice of a couple different caps, or a skull cap, and long sleeve shirt. Caps and shirt choices are while supplies last. NOTE: there are enough so that everyone will receive one or the other.

SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to everyone who donated to Friends of LBL. Representatives of FoLBL will be on hand at packet pick up on Friday. They will have your donation gift. Please get it from them at packet pick up. It's expensive to mail items, and reduces the effect of the donation. 

Day of Race packet pickup - Saturday, March 12  5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. central time
Grand Rivers Community Center – 155 W. Cumberland St. Grand Rivers, KY 42045


Directions to Grand Rivers:
Take exit 31 I-24, go 3.3 miles south on Hwy 453 to Grand Rivers.  Commerce St is the first intersection you reach.  Turn right for Lighthouse Landing, Left for the Community Center, Grand Rivers Inn, and Green Turtle Bay (follow signs to GTB).

Friday night PASTA DINNER

Will be held at the Community Center. (same site as packet pick up).
If you purchased your pasta dinner through the Runsignup registration, you'll be given a meal ticket at packet pick up.

If you purchased your dinner through the direct signup sheet for Olive Garden, your name will be on the list at the dinner. You can still pre-order your pasta dinner here: ORDER PASTA DINNER CATERED BY OLIVE GARDEN Or you can pay at the door for a slightly higher fee.
Parking - Race Day:
Volunteers will be on hand at the intersection of Hwy 453 & Commerce St; at Lighthouse Landing beginning at 04:45 to direct you to parking. Please don't wait until the last minute to show.  Try to be here at least 45 minutes before start, and sooner, if you have to pick up your packet.    

Drop Bags/Boxes:  Drop Bags/boxes should be no bigger than you need. If you can limit them to the size of a large shoe box that would be best. A little bigger if you need things that we haven't indicated having available for you. A waterproof/water resistant bag is best since they will be out in the elements. Please clearly mark your bag with your bib # and name.  IF YOU HAVE NUMBERS FROM PREVIOUS EVENTS STILL SHOWING THIS ONLY CONFUSES THINGS, PERHAPS YOU CAN COVER THOSE NUMBERS.  Leave the bags/boxes at the Community Center.  You will see signs indicating where to leave them.  .

****IMPORTANT NOTE***on Drop Bags/Boxes:  They will be taken to the North Welcome Station and sorted there next to the aid station. This means you can access them at Miles 7.6; 18.9; 30.2; and 41.5. Make sure you place your bag in the section entitled WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH YOUR BAG FOR THE DAY, PLACE HERE.  If you do this simple thing, you will have your bag taken back to the Community Center and it could be there by the time you finish. Otherwise we have no way of knowing when to take it. You can choose to go retrieve your bag if you wish. You don’t have to wait for us to bring it.

Porta Johns:  There are rest rooms inside the Community Center for use on race morning.  These will become overwhelmed, so there will be an additional 4 porta johns located on the back side of the community center, and 12 more at the start.  NO NEED to wait in a long line inside the Community Center.  There will be 2 additional ones located at each aid station. The North Welcome Station has indoor restrooms in addition to two outdoor toilets.

Race Start:
All distances begin at 6:30 a.m. central time on Saturday, March 12, 2022 past the sailboats at Lighthouse Landing down by the Kentucky Lake shoreline.
Please be at the starting line at least 15 minutes early.
NOTE: You will NOT need your lights to see where you are going once the race starts.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT allowed to run with your dog. No one loves dogs more than we do, but we simply cannot allow it. IF you ignore this note, and bring your dog anyway, you will be stopped at the starting line. PLEASE!! Don't make us do this.

The pre-race instructions will be hard to hear.  If you'll read through the rest of these instructions you'll have it.  Main things are to wear the bib # in sight.  Don't tear up the timing chip on the back of the bib.  Don't run in front of a car.  Let faster runners pass you.  Follow the signage and markings on the road and trail. 

Enjoy the day! and for God's sake... DON'T LITTER.  There will be ample containers for your trash. Unfortunately, there are those who think this doesn't apply to them, or think that they can say "whoops, I didn't realize I dropped that". You know who you are. Those who deliberately litter are subject to being removed from the course.



Bib No:  Please keep your number visible on your front.  The timing chip is attached to the back of the bib.  Don't mutilate the chip, or you'll mess up your results.  If you decide to move down from one race length to a shorter distance you must tell the official at the finish of the loop, and possibly allow them to mark your bib#; and also tell us at the finish line that you changed distances. We will record an official finish time, and give you the appropriate award for the distance you finish. If you stop before the finish line, say, at an aid station, or the North Welcome Station, you won't have a finishing time, and will be included in the official results as a DNF. 

Position yourself:  At the start, line up in accordance to the pace you think you're going to run.  Faster people should be towards the front.  You’ll have almost two miles of road to move up, or allow others to pass you before you reach the trail.

Stay on course:  There will be a police escort at the start, and a trail vehicle.  Please stay on the right hand side of the road on the way out. The first 1.9 miles is on paved roads, allowing separation before hitting the single track Canal Loop trail in LBL. The Canal Loop is marked with blue markers on trees. We run in a clockwise direction. Additional signage will direct you. NOTE: Do not take any of the connector trails, labeled A, B, C, or D. (further marked with yellow markers on trees). When in doubt as to which direction, go left, unless marked. Once you’ve completed your time on the trail, you’ll have about 1.7 miles to the finish, on the roads you ran in on. On the way back to Grand Rivers for the finish, stay on the left, (same side of the road you ran out on), ON THE SHOULDER as much as possible until you reach the point of being directed to cross the road at the intersection of JH O’Bryan Ave. You finish in front of the Grand Rivers Tourism office. (NOT down by the lake where you started).


23k start at Lighthouse Landing, run the road to the trailhead on Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, run one loop on the Canal Loop and then head back via road to finish at Grand Rivers in front of the GR Tourism Office.

Marathon – start at Lighthouse Landing, run the road to the trailhead on Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, run two loops on the Canal Loop, and then back to Grand Rivers for the finish.

60k – start at Lighthouse Landing, run the road to the trailhead on Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, run three loops on the Canal Loop, and then back to Grand Rivers for the finish

50 mile start at Lighthouse Landing, run the road to the trailhead on Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, run four loops on the Canal Loop, then after the fourth loop, turn left on Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, and run a .62mi out to the turnaround, and back by the aid station and on back to Grand Rivers for the finish. Note that you run this out and back ONLY after the fourth loop, not any of the other loops. Staff member will be at the end of the loop to assist you.

Cut Off Times:  For the 60k, you must start your final loop by 2:15pm.  For the 50 mile you must start your final loop by 3 pm.  If you miss the cut off times you will be directed to run back to Grand Rivers for the finish; where you will receive your time and award for the distance you finished. 

EMERGENCIES:  If you need emergency assistance while on the run, call 270 556-1679. Please understand that in the unlikely event that you need to be extracted (never happened in the first 17 years), it could take hours before someone can get you out, as you would have to be hand carried.

NOTE:  There are aid stations every 2-3 miles.  If you seriously believe you shouldn't continue, please tell an aid station worker and they will assist you.

Cell phone service is not 100% dependable, but pretty good for the most part, so carry yours if you wish.


You must run across the finish line to receive an official time and award. If you quit at the North Welcome Station, even if you've run more than a marathon, we won't have your official time.


Aid Stations:  There are 4 located on the loop… ranging in distance from 2 – 3.3 miles apart. Water, SWORD hydration drink (, and Coke products will be available, along with the usual trail food, such as chips, oranges, bananas, light snacks, pb&j, and beginning around 11 am, bean, cheese, or turkey wraps.  Honey Stinger gel, and Electrolytes.  If you require anything in particular, you should carry it with you, or leave it at the drop bag station.

We are trying to limit the amount of cups/waste. Please carry a water bottle with you if you can. If you wish to consume an energy gel, please do so while at an aid station, and dispose of the package in the waste container.

Porta johns:  There will be at least two at each aid station.  There are indoor facilities at the North Welcome Station as well.

Drop Bags:  You will have access to your bag at the North Welcome Station (middle of the loop) next to the aid station. Bags will be sorted by distance and #.  We will try to keep someone there to assist you. Remember to place your bag in the “To be returned to finish” area when you are finished with it for the day.

Race Finish:
Downtown Grand Rivers at the Grand Rivers Tourism Office, 1858 JH O’Bryan Avenue, just before the Badgett Playhouse.

Please make sure your bib # is visible as you run through the timing areas each loop at North Welcome Station, and for the finish. TELL US AT THE FINISH IF YOU DROPPED DOWN IN DISTANCE. You are welcome at the finish to watch others finish, but if you don't mind, after you finish, please put your bib # in your car or somewhere away from the finish line so that your chip isn't picked up repeatedly by the timing system. 

Spectators:  The best place to watch and meet your runner is around the finish area in Grand Rivers, or at the North Welcome Station, where there is a lot of parking.  NWS is a couple of miles past the "Welcome to LBL" sign on 453.  NOTE: There is only one road running through LBL. (The Woodlands Trace, aka 453). The Welcome Station is a great place to find information, maps, and gifts!

Special note:  Spectators/crew will not be allowed onto Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive this year, in order to limit the congestion around the trail crossing/aid station, and for safety of your runners.



10 Year Buckle recipients: Please get yours at the finish line:

There are many who should have received their buckle in a previous year. If you didn't, let us know, and we'll take care of you.

Awards:  50 mile and 60k finishers receive special custom made buckles

Establish a new course record in the 50 mile or 60km and receive a Cash Award of $1000*. *If lake levels warrant a detour of the course, then the winner will receive $300 IF their time is faster than the regular course record.

Establish a new course record in the Marathon or 23km and receive a Cash Award of $500*. *If lake levels warrant a detour of the course, then the winner will receive $300 IF their time is faster than the regular course record.

Top 10 male and female in each distance receive additional awards.

Marathoners and half marathon finishers receive a nice medallion.  .

Awards will be given at the finish line when you finish, so please don't run off without it.

If this is your 10th Land Between the Lakes run, you will receive a special commemorative buckle

Post Race snacks and food:  are available at the Community Center.  A special thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Grand Rivers who volunteer to make some really good food, and to local restaurants who provide some of the dishes. Green Turtle Bay, and Patti’s 1880s Settlement.

Muddy day shoes?:  please do the best you can at wiping your feet before entering the Community Center. 

Results:  We will have Live Tracking, with instant updates of finishes, via the raceresult link. Complete results will be posted on the LBL trail site as soon as feasible.

are available at Lighthouse Landing (just up the hill from where we start).  Follow signs or ask for directions at the finish line. Bring your own body wash and towel!  Showers are very limited.  Three m/f.  If you can shower at your room, it would be better to do so, and save the facilities for others.

LBL info:   Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area ( is a magnificent place.  If you get a chance, you should visit the North Welcome Station (just a couple of miles past the LBL welcome sign on 453).  Cool gifts, and lots of info about LBL. 

Return to Grand Rivers/LBL:  we hope you'll return to the area for vacation time.  Lots of activities and an awesome recreation wonderland.

If you are interested in helping with this event on race day please contact Steve Durbin, Race Director, via e-mail: OR at packet pickup OR on race day.

Photographers: If you can take some photos on the course please let me know, and we can arrange best locations for great shots!

Special Thanks:  To all the runners, the Rangers at LBL, the people of Grand Rivers, and all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors.


West Kentucky Runners Club

Paducah Bank

SWORD hydration

Grand Rivers Tourism

Lighthouse Landing resort

Green Turtle Bay resort

Patti’s Inn & Suites

Honey Stinger gels and bars

Headfirst Performance

Durbin Race Management



"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint". - Isaiah 40:31

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