FSRC 50k Training Program

Tue June 4 - Sun October 6 Frederick, MD US 21701 Directions

50k Training

6:00PM EDT - 5:00PM EDT
Fredrick and Upper Montgomery County Trail Systems - Specific locations to be determined
Frederick, MD US 21701

Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club
50k Training Program

Goal Race: Blues Cruise 50k - Sunday, October 6, 2018

Program Length: 14 or 18 weeks (depending on participant's pre-program base mileage)

Information Session and First Group Run:  Tues, June 4th at 6:00 PM, location to be determined. Attendance is highly recommended as we will be covering specifics that are unique to this training program, including gear, trail safety, how to adjust the training plans, how group runs will be organized, how to work cross training into the schedule, etc.

Coach:  Nicole Davis, DPT, RRCA Level II Certified Running Coach

Program Description:

The FSRC 50k Training Program is designed for first-time and newer 50k runners, though ultra veterans are welcome to help. This program is a great way to improve your trail running, explore local trail systems, and meet other trail runners in our community, while learning the finer details of ultra trail running, including how to gear-up, pace, fuel, hydrate, and generally enjoy spending an entire day in the woods. 

If you have done other FSRC training programs, this one will be organized a bit differently and far less formal. Each participant will be given a training plan including recommendations for mileage, cross-training, and days off. Runs will be a mix of trail and road. Some runs will need to be done on your own. You will have access to an experienced coach, but unlike FSRC's other training programs, participants will play a larger role in planning weekly groups runs. Your coach will attend some, but not all, group runs. Don't worry, there are enough trail veterans participating to get you back to your car. Group runs are encouraged, but not mandatory. A private Facebook page will provide a place to coordinate runs with other participants, and get support and advice from more experienced participants, your coach, and veteran ultra runners. We will try our best to answer your questions, or at least connect you with someone who can.

You must be a paid member of FSRC to register for this training, but you can join the club at the same time you register here. If you think you are a paid member of the club and you can't register, please check the spelling of the name you used to join the club, using https://steeplechasers.org/membership/registered-members/

If you want your family to be in the club, or for any multiperson membership, you need to set up your club membership at https://runsignup.com/fsrc first, then come back to this page to register for the training.

Cost: $0 for current Steeplechasers members


To help protect against injury, we strongly recommend you are:

  • Consistently run 4+ days a week, 24+ miles per week
  • Comfortable running 12-13 mile long runs
  • Have the blessing of your physician if you have some sort of medical issue that may affect your participation (heart issues, orthopedic concerns, etc.)


To Register:

Please complete both steps:

(1) Register for the program by clicking link above. If you have not already paid your Steeplechasers dues, you will be given an opportunity to pay them as part of the registration process. Please make sure your RunSignUp profile uses the same spelling for your name as can be found at https://steeplechasers.org/membership/registered-members/

If you're asked to claim your account, please see https://steeplechasers.org/membership/claim-account-rsu/

(2) Ask to join the FSRC 50k Training Facebook group. The Facebook page is our primary means of communicating to keep you updated on when and where runs are occurring, to help you find support and get your questions answered by your coaches and fellow participants, and to notify you of cancellations due to weather. 

Training Contact Info

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