FSRC Spires Youth Running XC & Track (Ages 7-14)

Tue August 27 - Tue November 12, 2019 Frederick, MD US 21701 Directions
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FSRC Spires Youth Running Program

5:30PM EDT - 6:30PM EST
Baker Park at the Band Shell
121 N Bentz St
Frederick, MD US 21701

We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 p.m., at Baker Park in Frederick City.

Note: for insurance reasons you must be a member of the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club to participate in this program. You can check if you are already an FSRC member at https://runsignup.com/Club/SearchForRenew/668. For convenience if you are not already an FSRC member, you can join the club and sign up for this program at the same time. The price for a Junior membership is $10. New memberships will begin on the day you sign up and continue for 12 months. This registration must match the name in the club registration exactly, as well as the birth date.

NOTE: the price for the Spires program shows up as $50 but you will be given a $10 discount when you check out, making the resulting price $40 for FSRC club members. You must be a member during this program. If you are already an FSRC member, if it expires before this program ends you will need to RENEW your membership. Please do so at https://runsignup.com/Club/SearchForRenew/668. If you are not already an FSRC member, you will be given the opportunity to join FSRC when you check out here -- this is an additional $10. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD TO ENTER INTO SPIRES YOU NEED TO DO THIS IN TWO TRANSACTIONS, OR GO TO https://runsignup.com/fsrc TO SIGN UP YOUR FAMILY BEFORE REGISTERING FOR SPIRES.

AGE RANGE OF PROGRAM:  The FSRC Spires Youth Running Program is open to children ages 7-14.  Ages should be as of 12/31/19; and 7 year olds should be 7 on the first day of practice, August 27, 2019.

The FSRC Spires Youth Running Program is somewhat unique because the emphasis is on learning the benefits of running as a fun and enjoyable means of lifetime fitness. This is different from programs that emphasize performance and competition. There is always gratification for kids that finish first, but this program tries to give every kid the opportunity to achieve and be recognized for simply how much they participate, learn, and improve.

Understand that some of our kids do go on to become competitive high school runners and do very well! But our goal is not to have them peak in the 8th grade. While they’re young, it should be about developing a great foundation of knowledge, technique, and base conditioning before they step into a rigorous school program.

For those that choose not to run for competition, they will still have gained the knowledge and approach to use running as a fitness tool for the rest of their lives!

The programs are conducted during the Fall and Spring. The Fall Program is more geared toward the sport of cross country and is conducted mostly in Frederick’s Baker Park primarily during the months of September and October.

The Spring Program is more track oriented and is conducted at Frederick High School primarily in April and May. Normally, in the second half of the season, the kids have progressed to where the coaches lead group long runs that go outside the bounds of the park and track.

Kids will be grouped according to their ability and are supervised by the coaches who keep the kids together as a group for safety. In both programs, there is a menu of optional weekend events that are either cross country meets or local area road races. The normal goal is for all the kids to get the experience of participating in one or two events during the course of the season.

Kids of greater ability may do more, while kids that are new to this may just want to target one goal event toward the end of the season. Otherwise, there are also periodic timed events during the practices to measure their progress. Awards are given at the end of the season for either completing weekend events or showing significant improvement during practices.

Kids should not eat dinner before coming to practice. Having a snack when they get home from school is recommended along with drinking water. In order to maintain safety on group runs, the kids must demonstrate the ability to follow the instructions of the coaches. If they are not feeling well, they should not be forced to participate. Especially in the long group runs, we can’t have kids quitting in the middle. So if they don’t feel well or are injured, they should not feel compelled to participate.

We do allow for as much laughing, talking, and joking as can be permitted (because we want it to be fun) as long as kids generally follow the instructions they are given. Sportsmanship is also important. Runners should be supportive and encouraging to each other and never do anything to impede another runner in a race.

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