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Winter Informal Marathon Training Program

Sun December 3 - Sun May 6
Location: Greenbelt, MD US 20770 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk
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PGRC Winter Informal Marathon Training
7:00AM EST - 12:00PM EDT
Greenbelt, MD US 20770

Ever wanted to eat anything you wanted all winter long, and still look bathing suit buff in May??

Try out the new, informal PGRC Winter Marathon training program!

Why you should try this insanity:

Why not?  If you have already run a few 5Ks or 10Ks, or a half marathon, this is the next step. It's better to train gradually, with friends, for longer races, Even if you have never run a full marathon, if you stick with this program you will finish races in May or June smiling and healthy! 
New friends will hold you accountable, and cheer your goals. Winter is cold, It is dark in the early morning and early evening. You will want to stay in bed on Sunday morning... but your friends will be waiting for you, freezing their patooties off. So you will grumble, lace up and come to run, after which we'll all feel virtuous and get coffee! 
Replenishing your calories is SO. MUCH. FUN!  No kidding, you will feel great, likely drop a few pounds, and STILL get to eat donuts and drink beer! Chris is even organizing at least one evening run ending at a brewery! 
You can use this group to train for 10K, 10M, and Half races:  We don't judge. If you want to run with us and CRUSH the February Club Challenge, the March Rock n Roll Half or other races instead of a May or June marathon, please come! You can reduce your mileage on the long runs later and still  stick with track and tempo training, or whatever works for you.
It's free. Yes! This is an informal training group. We will all help each other. Chris Nichols, a nine-time marathon finisher, will lead and coach the group. She specializes in supportive, non-critical and cheerful coaching, with creative running routes all over the county. Fun Factor: High. Boredom factor: Non-existent. 
Our goal race is the Cincinnati "Flying Pig" marathon on May 6. You may register for that or any other race you like.

The program starts this Sunday, Dec. 3 at 7 am. Please meet in the Mission BBQ parking lot, Greenbelt. We will start easy with 5 miles, any pace.

Long Runs: Sunday mornings, 7 am at various points throughout the county. Some will be out and back, some will be point to point (like one way to a metro, then riding back). We meet Tuesday nights at 6:45 pm for Track (speed) work.  There will be group runs on Thursdays beginning in January. 

To be successful and comfortable in a marathon, you will need to run on your own one or two additional days of the week, such as Wednesday or Friday. 

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